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Tailwind is the name of several fictional characters from the Transformers series. .

Transformers: Generation 1

Tailwind is a Decepticon Micromaster


  • Hasbro Transformers Micromaster Air Strike Patrol (1988)
Includes Night Flight, Storm Cloud, Tailwind and Whisper.

Shattered Glass

Transformers character
Name Tailwind
Series Transformers: Timelines
Alternate modes Jet
Partner Astrotrain, Fasttrack, Stonecruncher and Submarauder
Sub-group Micromasters

Tailwind is one of the Micromaster partners to Astrotrain. He is a heroic Decepticon.

Fun Publications

Tailwind appeared in the fiction Dungeons & Dinobots, a text based story from Fun Publications. Astrotrain and his Micromasters were used to transport supplies and energon rods from the Arch-Ayr fuel depot to the Deception base at Darkmount.[1]

Tailwind appeared in the story Do Over by Fun Publications. He among the crew of the Nemesis, which followed the Autobot's Ark to Earth. When the Nemesis was unable to close in on the Ark Astrotrain and his partners were sent to disable its weapons.[2]

In Eye in the Sky the Decepticons lamented the fact that they did not know where Astrotrain and his Mircomaster partners had gone down on Earth. The Decepticons could use their help in defeating a human military satellite the Autobots had gained control of and were using to take over the Earth.

In Blitzwing Bop the Decepticons recover Astrotrain and his Micromasters after he is found frozen in the Antarctic.


  • Timelines Ultra Astrotrain with Astro-Hook, Astro-Line, Astro-Sinker and Starcatcher (2007)
A recolor of Armada Jetfire.
This toy was repurposed into Shattered Glass Astrotrain with Fasttrack, Stonecruncher, Submarauder and Tailwind.[3]


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