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Mastermind Creations character
Mastermind Creations Sphinx box
Created by

Mastermind Creations
Release number

PS-01, PS-01A
Species Transformer

Alternate mode

Ligier JS11

Tech specs

ST06 IN09 SP07 EN05

RN07 CO05 FB06 SK010

Sphinx is a fictional character and third-party Transformer homage to Generation 1 Mirage made by Mastermind Creations in 2015.

Mastermind Creations

Sphinx is a third-party Transformer homage to Generation 1 Mirage. The design of Sphinx was inspired by Studio Ox designs of Mirage. Sphinx's technical specifications are identical to Generation 1 Mirage.


The head for Sphinx was designed by Jesslyn Makes Robots.[1]

Sphinx was released in October 2015.

Sphinx A was released in March 2016.


Reviews for Sphinx were generally positive. The toy was praised for its high degree of cartoon faithfulness, articulation in robot mode and distribution of diecast, chrome and rubber wheels.

A common quality control complaint was Sphinx's front wheels having a tendency to "bow" inwards in vehicle mode. The shoulder joints were known to be loose on some copies of the toy.

Fictional biography

Sphinx has only one speed when in vehicle mode, fast. He was one of the last to choose a vehicle form to blend in with, watching his compatriots choose forms that made them essentially invisible but sacrificing speed and agility in the process. There is no hiding in his chosen form, it is bright and loud and everyone thinks that they will see him coming from a mile away, which is exactly the way he likes it. Luckily he has a special ability that his enemies never see coming.


  • Mastermind Creations PS-01 Sphinx (2015)
Accessories: Rifle, launcher and missile, plastic head piece, hologram driver
Sphinx transforms into a Formula 1 racing car and back. He is Mastermind Creation's interpretation of a Masterpiece Mirage, as part of their Occular Max sub-brand.
His livery includes numerous references to the generation 1 toy, with its use of "Citanes" (a deliberate corruption of Gitanes, a French cigarette manufacturer) and its dancing gypsy girl logo. Like the Generation 1 Mirage toy, wheels are rubber and his missile launcher is chromed. Sphinx also includes a figurine of a holographic blue racing car driver, which can fit snugly in his driver's seat in vehicle mode. The back of Sphinx's head in robot mode can be swapped out for an alternative unpainted plastic piece if the user prefers the back of Sphinx's head to be plain.
If preordered, Sphinx shiped with a miniature yellow parachute (which is intended to be a homage to the Sunbow cartoon episode "More Than Meets the Eye") and a swappable, smiling face plate.
  • Mastermind Creations PS-01A Sphinx Alternative (2016)
Accessories: Rifle, launcher and missile, plastic head piece, hologram driver
A recolor of Sphinx in a lighter blue, intended to homage the Generation 1 Mirage toy. His joints have been tightened and his quality control improved overall.
  • Mastermind Creations PS-01R Sphinx Regenesis (2019)
A TFcon 2019 DC exclusive. Colored like the unreleased Generation 2 Mirage toy.



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