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Sparkplug is the name of several characters in the Transformers franchise.


Generation 1

The original Sparkplug is the patriarch of the Witwicky family in Transformers: Generation 1, and the father of Spike Witwicky. His nickname was given based on his occupation as a mechanic; no first name was given to him in The Transformers, but various comics have dubbed him William, Irving, Daniel (undoubtedly as the namesake of grandson Daniel Witwicky), or Stanislas Piotr.

Animated series

Sparkplug and his son Spike were working on an oil rig when the Decepticons attacked, having awoken some time previously after spending millions of years in stasis. Left stranded by the attack, they were rescued by the arriving Optimus Prime and the Autobots, which began a long friendship between them and the Autobots. Sparkplug would usually provide the Autobots with intelligence regarding Earth's energy resources, as well as lending his skills as a mechanic to the Autobots. This latter contribution played a key part in bringing most of the Aerialbots into the Autobot fold, as his dogged work in repairing Omega Supreme when even his Autobot counterparts had to stop to rest inspired the Aerialbots to defend humanity.


This Sparkplug (called Prime in Japan) is Optimus Prime's Mini-Con partner.

Unicron Trilogy

Animated series


  • Armada Optimus Prime with Sparkplug (2002)
Sparkplug is a Mini-Con released with Armada Optimus; was recolored in metallic gold as "Corona Sparkplug" with the Powerlinx release and in gold chrome in the Lucky Draw version of the set. The mold has been reused on numerous occasions.