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Scowl is a name applied to several Transformers characters, so far all Decepticons. The first is a member of the Monster Pretenders with a monstrous Pretender shell; the second is a Dinobot from the Robots in Disguise animated series.


Generation 1

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  • Scowl (1989)
Core figure was recolored into Doryu.

Aligned Continuity

In the Aligned Continuity, Scowl is a Decepticon Dinobot with an Ankylosaurus alternate mode and a hammer-called the Kaboomer-that becomes his tail in beast form.

Animated series

Formerly an enforcer employed by Thunderhoof, Scowl was imprisoned aboard the Alchemor but later escaped on Earth after the ship crash-landed. Like many Dinobots he had destructive tendencies that he enjoyed displaying, but unlike Grimlock he had no regard for human life or property, though he pretended to to convince Grimlock not to reimprison him. Grimlock had hopes that Scowl could be rehabilitated, but Scowl had no interest in using his abilities for good, forcing Grimlock and his Autobot teammates to pursue him. Scowl proved a formidable foe, but Grimlock managed to trick him and knock him unconscious, allowing the Autobots to reimprison him.