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FansToys character
FansToys Scoria box
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Species Transformer


Iron Dibots
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Robotic triceratops

Scoria is a fictional character and third-party Transformer homage to Generation 1 Slag created by FansToys in 2014.


Scoria is a member of the Iron Dibots, and a homage to the Generation 1 Transformers character, Slag. He utilizes the form of a triceratops as his disguise. Scoria is described as selfish, bad-tempered and violent. He has the ability to breathe fire from his mouth and his horn is strong enough to damage tall buildings. According to his packaging biography, the only robots he gets along with are his teammates, and even then, he has a tendency to turn his flame breath on them when he becomes agitated.

Other homages to Generation 1 Slag include Justitoys Flamethrower.


FansToys announced Scoria and displayed the first prototype images online in November 2013.[1]

Scoria was released in June 2014.


Scoria was generally well received. A common complaint was the large amount of heavy diecast in the legs, causing the hips to sag over time.

The Good Morning, Cybertron! podcast for November 18th, 2013 discussed Scoria in the news.[2]

The WTF@TFW podcast for November 22nd, 2013 selected Scoria as one of the New Picture Picks.[3]


FansToys FT-04 Scoria (2014)

Accessories: Light up sword, gun, alternative head, two swappable face plates.
The first release in Fanstoys' Iron Dibots line, and is intended to scale alongside Takara's MP-08 Grimlock. Scoria bears a strong resemblance to Slag's appearance in the Sunbow animated series. He transforms into a robotic triceratops and back. He features a large amount of diecast and golden vacuum metallizing.
His main gimmick is his LED light up sword. He can hold his sword via tabbing connection, but the sword handle must be tilted slightly to remain securely in Scoria's hands.
In addition to his stock head, he has alternate "screaming" head, with a white face, which references the Canadian release of Slag's Generation 1 toy. Also included are two additional face plates, one red open mouthed, and one white closed mouth.
He includes boot accessories for Masterpiece Grimlock so that he stands as tall as the FansToys releases. His leg kibble in robot mode can also be stored on the outside to resemble his original toy.
  • Fanstoys FT-04T Scoria (April 2015)
FT-04T is a recolor of the Scoria mold, with a more Generation 1 toy faithful look. Notable differences from the original mold are red horns and eyes, and black thighs and face. His stock head and face plates are also swappable.
  • Fanstoys FT-04X Scoria
Limited to 1000 pieces, FT-04 is a recolor of Scoria that imitates the Marvel inspired look of Takara MP-08X Grimlock. His paintwork is identical to FT-04T, but his grey plastic is replaced with metallic silver paint.



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