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Scarem is a Predacon from the Transformers franchise.


Beast Wars

Scarem was part of the Beast Wars toy line but not featured in the animated series, and is a Transmetal 2 who turns into a beetle; both of his forms have scythe-blade arms.

IDW Publishing

Scarm was featured in Beast Wars: The Gathering and Beast Wars: The Ascending, where he was created from one of the Axalon Protoforms released at the start of the animated series. Due to Magmatron's machinations he is reprogrammed as a Predacon, and soon becomes involved in the conflict between Magmatron's forces and the newly awakened Maximals under Razorbeast.


  • Beast Wars Scarem (1999)
A new mold. One of the only Transmetal 2 toys that has never been remolded or recolored.