Rock Lords Coloring Book

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Rock Lords Coloring Book  
Cover of Rock Lords Coloring Book
Country United States
Language English
Series Rock Lords
Subject(s) Rock Lords
Genre(s) Science fiction
Publisher Golden
Publication date 1986
Media type Print (Softcover)

The Rock Lords Coloring Book is a children's book published by Golden, a division of Western Publishing, in 1986 as part of the Rock Lords series.[1]

Rock Lords

This book is broken apart into 3 sections. First is a welcome to the planet Quartex and its inhabitants. Second is a story called "The Battle at Stonehead". Third "Color For the Gold" contest.


In The Battle at Stonehead Magmar sends Tombstone to kidnap Marbles. Boulder tricks them into kidnapping a transformed Granite instead, who lies to them with false visions. Boulder's team seemingly defeats Marmar and takes over Stonehead Fortress.


Boulder's tribe Magmar's tribe Others
Boulder Tombstone Armadillo Rockasaur
Marbles Magmar Dead City Lizard
Solitaire Narligator Evil Aquatic Rock
Granite Sticks 'N Stones Flying Claw Rocksaur
Crackpot Brimstone
Nuggit Stoneheart
Pulver-Eyes Slimestone


  • No writer or artist is credited for this book.
  • Numerous facts appear in this book which are unique in Rock Lords fiction. Some of these include:
    • Marbles is depicted as carrying a shield in one illustration.
    • The planet Quartex has no night. The life forms on Quartex are not considered "organic".
    • Stonehead Fortress is guarded by evil Rocknarlies. Depicted are a Narligator and Narlizard. Narligator has a tuft of fur on the tip of his tail
    • Rockasaurs eat metal and rock.
    • When Magmar claps his hands or stamps his feet he creates an earthquake and bolts of lightning.
    • Tombstone can spin at incredible speed. His Reaper weapon fires beams from the two barrels on the top.
    • Stoneheart can generate freezing cold with his touch.
    • Sticks 'N Stones is described as a two-headed giant, and is depicted as full head taller than Tombstone. His name is parsed as "Sticks & Stones" and as "Sticks and Stones" in the book.
    • The book also refers to the people of Quartex as "rock people" and Magmar's tribe as "evil lords".
    • Slimestone is a robot.
    • Brimstone breathes fire and generates rock-melting heat when angered.
    • Crackpot can mimic the voices of other rock creatures. The text refers to him as a "wild and crazy guy", which, including his ability to imitate voices, is probably a nod to comedian Steve Martin.
    • Despite most characters having toy-accurate weapons, Boulder is depicted with a short sword instead of his "Power Sword" rifle.
    • Granite can transform his appearance. In the story he becomes a copy of Marbles.
    • Solitaire collects jewels and has her own Rock Pot vehicle.
  • Although the welcome to Quartex depicts the Spike Stone and Terra-Roc as the Rockasaurs, two new Rockasaurs, looking like a gigantic monstrous armadillo and clawed bird, appear in the story. In addition a small normal looking lizard and "evil aquatic rock" make appearances.



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