Quantize Music Entertainment : (কোয়ান্টাইজ মিউজিক এন্টারটেইনমেন্ট )

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Quantize Music Group (QMG Originals)Ponishare-verified.png

Founded - April 14th 2019 Founder - Tanvir Hossain TonMoy

Headquarters - Dhaka, Bangladesh
Key people -  Tanvir Hossain TonMoy(Founder and CEO), Nayeem Hossain Tanjir (MD), Bidrohi Dipon (DMD), Rabby Raz (CMO)

Owner - Tanvir Hossain TonMoy

Subsidiaries - Brikkho Films

Type - LLC

Industry - Music, Entertainment


Quantize Music Entertainment : কোয়ান্টাইজ মিউজিক এন্টারটেইনমেন্ট

Quantize Music Entertainment, LLC. d/b/a Quantize Music Group (abbreviated as QMG/QME) is an USA based Bangladeshi music record label, entertainment and media company with the tagline 'Glossary of Music, Entertainment & More'; founded by Tanvir Hossain TonMoy; primarily specializing in music distribution, rights management, music publishing & creative collective.

QMG Originals is a platform from QME that is dedicated to building the culture and connecting with all kinds of genre loving diverse audiences who are seeking original content, meaningful music & clutter-breaking videos. There is no particular genre that works. People want good music and that’s what matters to us. Be it Pop, Jazz, R&B, or Hip Hop/Electro-Pop, it should sound good.”

Apart from music, Quantize Music Entertainment also produces films under the brand name Brikkho Films and Bangladeshi television content.