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Primus is an ancient being of light and the creator of the Transformers in many incarnations of that franchise. He is often depicted as the polar opposite to-and antagonist of-Unicron.


Generation 1

UK Comics

In his initial depiction, Primus was one of many "light gods" engaged in a war against the "dark gods" led by Unicron, with the conflict terminating in the personal rivalry between the two. Primus' goal was to defeat Unicron so that he could ascend to the Omniversal Matrix, the pantheon to which his fellows had passed.

Marvel Comics

In the Marvel Comics, Unicron had existed in a universe prior to the current one and destroyed much of it before going into a dormant state. When the surviving fragments reacted to create a new universe, Primus was born to counter Unicron's threat.

BotCon/Fun Publications

In the BotCon storyline of 1998-2000, Transformers: Reaching the Omega Point, Primus' origin is the same as in the Marvel Comics, but his history is expanded upon. Having determined that his clashes with Unicron threaten the very fabric of the universe, Primus embarks on an alternate plan-referred to as the "Grand Plan"-to trap both himself and Unicron inside planetoids. In order to determine if he would be able to shape his prison from within, Primus experimented on the moon of Protos and shaped it into a base for some of his first Transformer creations: the Covenant of Primus. Having established these twelve as a safeguard against Unicron's coming, Primus implemented his plan, and subsequently created Cybertron from the barren planetoid in which he had become contained. He then continued the creation of the Transformers, including creating the Thirteen Primes based upon the Covenant and Primon, bearer of the Matrix of Leadership that Primus created to destroy Unicron.

Unicron Trilogy

Animated series

Primus is entirely absent from Transformers: Armada, but soon makes an appearance in Transformers: Energon as Optimus Prime's advisor and a recurring figure in the events of the series. Notably, he grants Kicker Jones the ability to sense Energon and helps empower both of Optimus Prime's Combiner partners, Wing Saber and Omega Supreme. Eventually he uses the Super Energon hidden within Cybertron to create a new sun to sustain the recreated planets Unicron had once devoured, with Unicron's Spark providing the final component to the action. Primus did this so as to take advantage of Unicron's power for good, as well as imprisoning his ancient foe's lifeforce.

Primus later features more prominently in Transformers: Cybertron, which is the first series in which he transforms into his planet-sized robot mode.


Shattered Glass

As a "multiversal singularity", Primus exists as one being across every reality in the multiverse, barring a handful that are separated from the others due to unusual circumstances. As such, he initially acts nobly to reformat Megatron into Galvatron, as well as directing Nexus Prime. He is initially unknown to the inhabitants of Shattered Glass Cybertron, and the evil Autobots in particular are quick to dismiss him as a myth. However, after Nexus Prime succeeds in dividing the multiversal streams from each other using the Star Saber and Terminus Blade, Primus' essence is divided into multiple vessels across the various realities. Unfortunately, in the Shattered Glass universe Primus' previously minute dark side manifests as a full personality, who enlists Rodimus Prime in a bid to eliminate the Transformers "infesting" his planet form.

Aligned Continuity

Animated series

In Robots in Disguise, Primus is revealed to have charged Windblade with defending the Earth from a great evil, and granting her increased powers to counter the threat. Years later-presumably at his direction-the Primes would allow Optimus Prime to direct Bumblebee to travel to Earth to face the threat as well, while Optimus was prepared for the battle by his fellow Primes.


In this continuity, Primus and Unicron were once part of a single entity known as "the One", which eventually split into the pair as embodiments of order and chaos. Unicron sought to bring about the end of creation, but Primus' efforts to oppose him were of little effect. As such, he devised a plan to defeat Unicron by taking himself out of the battle and creating the Thirteen to face his nemesis in his place.

In Transformers: Exodus, Optimus encounters Primus at the core of Cybertron, and is granted the Matrix of Leadership by him. Primus then warns that Cybertron's restoration from the damage done to it both by the Great War and Megatron's use of Dark Energon will take many years to recover from.

Video Games


  • Lucky Draw Primus (2004)
A gold chrome recolor of Generation 1 Rodimus Prime.
  • Cybertron Primus (2006)
A new mold that comes with various accessories, including the Omega Lock and in some releases Unicron's head and/or several Mini-Cons.
  • Creator Primus (2010)
A rerelease of the original figure with altered coloring to more closely resemble the Generation 1 coloration of Cybertron.


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