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The Order of Eathyron (also called the Eathyrian Army) is one of the legions in the Mythic Legions fictional setting.

Mythic Legions


The Order is an organization steeped in religious tradition which was formed to combat the Congregation of Necronominus and the unholy forces under its command. Thanks to the guidance of Sir Gideon Heavensbrand, the Order is in the process of emerging from a long period marred by scandal and corruption. Its members include angels, dwarves and humans. Its legions include the Golden Knights, Silver Knights, Steel Knights and Templar Knights.

Growing up near Eathyron’s Temple in the city of Eathyross, Delphina was always fascinated with the Templar Knights and their holy temple. As she grew, the fact that the order was enigmatic, mysterious, and operated secretly ignited Delphina’s imagination and nourished her desire to join the Templars. Delphina was nineteen years old when Sir Gideon Heavensbrand reestablished the Templars and they began to recruit new members. Although quite young to be a Templar knight, Delphina of Eathyross has become a spirited and vital member of the order.
  • Gadriel (ML2, Female Heroic Angel Warrior)
Cirrus, the great golden city in the clouds, is home to the angels of Mythoss. Revered as sacred creatures, angels are known to be both powerful and wise. While they serve as guardians to the people of Mythoss, angels generally avoid meddling in their affairs unless a great threat looms on the horizon. Gadriel, now exiled from Cirrus, was banned for being too determined to protect the people at all costs. With a new home and her newfound allies in the order of Eathyron, Gadriel is a battle-hardened and devastatingly powerful force for peace in Mythoss.
Her brother Gideon may be the face of the Order of Eathyron, but Commander Gwendolynne Heavensbrand is its fist. This skilled warrior and strategist remains a step ahead of her enemies at all times as she commands her troops from the front lines. Her hardened outlook is often at odds with her brother’s idealistic leadership, but her grit is essential to the Order’s survival.
Although Sir Galeron is one of Gideon Heavensbrand's most noble and heroic allies, there is a subtle darkness lurking beneath the surface. As a spearman and standard bearer in the Eathyrian Army, he aggressively wants to be on the front lines of battle. Galeron is fueled not only by his innate goodness, but possibly even more so by an unquenchable thirst for revenge against those responsible for a mysterious event in his troubled past.
As the leader of the Order of Eathyron, Sir Gideon Heavensbrand has guided the Order into a new golden age. The once disgraced Order has flourished under his command, reclaiming its sanctity and the respect of the people it protects. Sir Gideon's unwavering faith in the crowned Eagle god Eathyron has only strengthened his resolve and given him the courage to defeat the dark armies of Mythoss.
The Templar Knights are an ancient sect that was once known as the Order of Eathyron's Temple. Once beloved by all in Mythoss, The Templars swore to protect Eathyron's temple, which was believed to be Eathyron's final resting place and home to the Heavensbrand. But after the temple was taken by Necronominus many millennia ago and discovered to be empty, the disgraced Templars were banished from the Order of Eathyron. They have operated clandestinely ever since, but now under Sir Godfrey's leadership and Sir Gideon's guidance, the Templars have returned to the Order of Eathyron.
As one of the few remaining knights from the Order of Eathyron's muddied past, Sir Ignatius' absolute faith is a source of inspiration for his brothers-in-arms. Once a denouncer of the Order and its flawed ways, he was an integral part of the Orders's reformation and Sir Gideon's rise to leadership. After so many years of frustration with the very institution that he swore to serve, Sir Ignatius is finally at peace with himself as a warrior in this time of great unrest.
As a skilled warrior and master swordsmith, Sir Owain is an indispensable member of the Order of Eathyron. He is world renowned for the intricate detail that he pours into every blade that he creates, and equally revered for his prowess wielding them. Possibly more important than his skills with a sword is Sir Owain's jovial good nature. In these most dire of times, even the thinnest sliver of light can begin to fracture the darkness.
As a veteran warrior who once fought under Sir Gabriel Heavensbrand’s leadership, Sir Valgard offers wisdom and guidance to Heavenbrand's son, Sir Gideon, in the newly enlightened age of The Order of Eathyron. Long ago, The Order was a shining star among the factions, and was both devout and righteous. But as time passed, the faction became corrupt, deteriorating into an institution afflicted by greed and discrimination, that seeks to serve the needs of only the wealthiest denizens of Mythoss. As the first in a new wave of non-human warriors to join the faction, Sir Valgard is an inspiration and a true symbol of The Order of Eathyron’s return to greatness.
  • Knight Legion Builder (Male Human)
  • Golden Knight Legion Builder (ML1, Male Human)
  • Silver Knight Legion Builder (ML1, Male Human)
  • Steel Knight Legion Builder (ML2, Male Human)
  • Templar Knights Legion Builder (Male Human)

Former members:

  • Cador (Male Human Barbarian Knight)
Once a famous sellsword whose origins can be traced back to the Order of Eathyron, Cador is an accomplished ally to Attlus the Conqueror and the House of the Noble Bear. Known for his unconventional fighting tactics and his flair for showmanship, Cador was once one of the Mythoss' most coveted mercenaries. A near fatal battle with Attlus himself gave Cador pause to reflect on his lot in life. Realizing that Attlus' cause could bring him purpose, Candor has put his years of wandering behind him to fight for a greater cause.
  • Hagnon (ML2, Male Evil Ghost Fighter)
Once a proud soldier in The Order of Eathyron, Hagnon led a legendary campaign that led to one of The Congregation of Necronominus’ greatest defeats. Later hunted and captured by the treacherous Brother Mandibulus, he was brought to the unforgiving Morgolyth for his final reckoning. In a chilling act of revenge, Morgolyth ended Hagnon’s life and resurrected him as one of her own. Eternally chained and shackled for his crimes, he has become the menacing and forever-conflicted ghostly agent of Necronominus.


Eathyron's Dozen

Earhyron's Dozen is a special team of bird-like warriors in the service of the Crowned Eagle Eathyron.

Aeons ago in ancient Mythoss, four brave warriors arose to combat the evils that were overrunning the land: the mighty Leodysseus, Bassylia, Xylona, and the crowned eagle Eathyron were righteous and unyielding forces of nature. Armed with the Heavensbrand, a sword bestowed with the power to purify the evil in enemies' souls, Eathyron rained down like a mighty storm of unrelenting power from the skies. Although the heroes were victorious, they faded from sight soon after their triumph. In their absence, the four great armies of modern Mythoss formed to honor their memory and to carry their noble cause forward to this very day.



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