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Template:Infobox Fraternity Omega Phi Delta or ΩΦΔ commonly known as Omphidelts and O'PeeDee is a collegiate fraternity and sorority in the Philippines with chapters that started at the campuses in Cebu.

Omphidelt is the combination of the Greek letters, Omega, Phi and Delta. This refers to a member of Omega Phi Delta fraternity and sorority. Plural is Omphidelts. See Junior Omphidelts.

Omega Phi Delta is a social-service fraternity and sorority organized with a set of core values that build ties to last a lifetime. Campus chapters differs in size from a minimum of 25 active members to be considered an active chapter and independent with each other.

The Omega Phi Delta - National Council that consists of the alumni and representatives of the collegiate chapters unifies all chapters as one.



Omega Phi Delta was founded on February 10, 1990 at University of San Carlos in Cebu City, by 3 students and co-founded later after one week by another 7 students.

File:OPD Early Days.jpg
February 1991 - during the 1st year anniversary celebration held in one of the beautiful beaches in Mactan, Cebu (L-R Ariel Nazareno, Lemuel Escasinas, Jude Juntilo, Orde Mellijor, Meyrick Balaga, Juel Zoleta, Jay Manching, Ramon Cerdan, Jr. and Julius Sy)

The second chapter was opened in the campuses of University of Cebu, Philippines on that same year and later on the opening of more chapters in different campuses in the Philippines.

Early History

After a series of meetings, drafting of by-law and conceptualizing the rituals. At one o' clock in the afternoon, 10th day of February 1990 the first initiation rites took place between the 3 founding brothers in the hills of Talamban, Cebu City within the premises of University of San Carlos - Technological Center. [1]

That was made in order to make a formal, solemn and binding agreement that whatever it takes they will uphold and promote the ideals and aspiration of the newly born fraternity. The paddle was the traditional seal of a promise that they will be united as brothers always. That was a unique way to bond each other differently from the non-initiated individuals.

Omega Phi Delta was born on that day, in that way.

A week later, the next Sunday - February 17, 1990 the first batch of 7 pledges were initiated and later credited as co-founders of the fraternity. This was followed by the initiation of the pioneer members and continuous recruitment.

There was a poor turnover on the recruitment of new members in the first one year due to careful selection in the process. Merely 70 new members were added to the group from 1990 to 1991 which includes the members from the second chapter chartered within the year. Qualifications of membership at that time are based on how personally a pledge is known to the existing members. Peace loving trait and friendly pledges are given high importance to be able to mingle with the community without bringing harm to a young group. Most of the added members are close friends and former schoolmates from high school.

Junior Omphidelts

Since the early Omphidelts has a significant number of former students and high school alumni of Saint Alphonsus Catholic School (SACS), Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu and Don Bosco Technology Center (DBTC), Punta Princesa, Cebu City [2] respectively, which includes the founders, pioneer members and other members - from high school class of 1988 onwards. There, the ambitious move to expand the group down to the high school level took place that led to the birth of the Junior Omphidelts.

The SACS-Junior Omphidelts was chartered in 1991 which was organized by one of the pioneer members, an ex-officer of the Citizens Army Training of the school. In contrary, in spite of the good response from the high school students of DBTC at that time nothing took place. No chapter was opened in that school.

Junior Omphidelts are co-ed members from high school and should undergone 90% of the rituals. Final stage or 10% of this will follow later upon affiliation with college chapters.

Presence in the Community

File:SACS Batch 88 Community Service Program.jpg
Community service rendered by Saint Alphonsus Catholic School Batch 88. Few senior Omphidelts are active members of this school's batch. More Omphidelts are alumni of SACS. (Photo courtesy of SACS Batch '88)


Amidst the different issues, disputes and forums about fraternities, [3][4][5] Omega Phi Delta although has few members during the early days they were never outnumbered, at least not literally. Having a peace loving reputation and friendly members they gained peaceful relationship and camaraderie among other existing fraternity(s) & organizations. [6] Members are also encouraged to look into clubs or groups within their academic departments and academic majors, intramural sports that may be of interest to them including physical fitness classes and tournaments. Any active member can also be active members of the community as well.


There are no documented self-organized significant major programs directly pointed towards community services.

File:Opd feeding program 2010.jpg
Omega Phi Delta's 1st Feeding Program held in Lapu-Lapu City Auditorium on March 28, 2010.

Indirect services rendered to the community are in supportive assistance and cooperation with the highschool alumni associations where many Omphidelts are active. [7][8]

As one of the highlights in the convention of February 2009, the program for the year is to make advancement in specific projects on community service.

On March 28, 2010 the 1st feeding program took place at the Lapu-Lapu City Auditorium.

National Council

The National Council was initialized only after years of Omega Phi Delta's existence. Before this, the alumni used to gather on a yearly basis mostly for social functions. Oftentimes with the presence of the chapter members.

One of the relevant matters discussed and approved upon during the National Council meeting held on February 7, 2009 was the adoption of Philippines Republic Act No. 8049 - Anti Hazing Law. [9] In respond to numerous death cases caused by hazing and related abuse in the Philippines. [10]

Earlier in 2007, lawmakers in the Philippines seeks review of the anti-hazing law. [11]

Conventions and Meetings

Listed below are few of the significant national conventions and meetings:

Date / Year Events Place
December 28, 2006 National Council Meeting-Christmas Party 2006 Crown Regency, Guadalupe, Cebu [12]
August 17, 2007 Alumni Special Meeting 2007 Paseo, Banilad-Cebu [13]
December 2007 National Council Meeting-Christmas Party 2007 Club Ultima, Cebu [14]
December 28, 2008 National Council Meeting-Christmas Party 2008 Crown Regency Hotel, Cebu [15]
February 7, 2009 2009 National Convention - 19th Anniversary Celebration Club Ultima Conference Room, Cebu [14]
March 29, 2009 National Council Summer Meet Together 2009 Hadsan Beach Resort, Cebu [16]
December 27, 2009 National Council Meeting-Christmas Party 2009 Crown Regency, Guadalupe, Cebu [12]
February 7, 2010 2010 National Convention - 20th Anniversary Celebration Club Ultima Conference Room, Cebu [14]
December 26, 2010 National Council Meeting-Christmas Party 2010 Club Ultima Conference Room, Cebu [14]


Omega Phi Delta is a member of the University of San Carlos Inter-Fraternity and Sorority Council and is listed in Greek Watch Philippines. Nearly after 19 years from its founding date, it was discovered that there is a newly established Omega Phi Delta-Sorority founded 2006 in Philadelphia, USA and decided through a 100% vote of the council during the convention in February 2009 to negotiate and affiliate the 2 groups. Negotiation is still ongoing. [17]
File:OPD USC Tambayan.jpg
An overlooking view from the 3rd floor level of University of San Carlos-Technological Center (back portion of the building). The exact place where the early Omphidelts used to gather and meet during vacant periods on a daily basis.

This negotiation mainly is headed by one of the founding members of each group.


Omega Phi Delta is a member of the University of San Carlos Inter-Fraternity and Sorority Council and is listed in Greek Watch Philippines.

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