Nightmares of a Leader

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Nightmares of a Leader is an episode of Transformers: Renegade Rhetoric described on the Renegade Rhetoric Facebook page.


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The following was posted on Facebook on December 15, 2016. [1]

Dear Cy-Kill, What's the worst you've ever injured Leader-1?

Cy-Kill: I have come within a fraction of an inch of ending his miserable life more times than I can count! During my first alliance with the Master Renegade, we disassembled him and shot his components into space, but the Last Engineer somehow restored him to operation. During my first mission to Earth, we shot Leader-1 down and fed him to Zod, though, with Turbo and Anya's help they defeated my creature and recharged the grey irritant.

More recently, Leader-1 attacked a Renegade convoy and was threatening to disrupt my supply lines. I spied an alien space yacht and fired off a blast that cracked its cockpit and was letting out all their argon, which is what the Concursatians breath. Leader-1, the chump that he is, flew to their ship and put up a force field around the passengers to keep their air in. I knew my convoy of Thrusters would escape, but fired off a second blast anyway, laughing and taunting him the whole time. This one struck the engines, which juttered uncontrollably and then exploded in a magnificent fireball. Leader-1 had saved the aliens, but only by taking potentially fatal injuries himself.

Turbo and Scooter brought him back to his Command Center, where Rest-Q was Astro-Beamed in. "It doesn't look good," he told them. Leader-1 is trapped in a nightmare of his own past, seeing his darkest hours." Scooter had the bright idea of putting his dreams up on the monitor so they could all watch.

What followed was Leader-1 vividly reliving may past events. He saw Professor Ling send a group of GoBots to 217 BC, where we Renegades defeated him for the favor of Emperor Commodus. He saw himself and Scooter shrunk by Dr. Go's molecular transfusion gun and in the palm of Crasher's hand. He saw himself defeated by UNECOM's rogue robot, Sentinel. He saw himself detained by UNECOM for being a spy. He saw himself turned evil by a Fabriconian Power Suit. He saw himself, tied up and helpless after being forced to surrender to me thanks to my mastery of Earth's plate tectonics. All the while, Scooter, Turbo, Nick, Matt, and A.J. offered an insufferable running commentary.

Rest-Q warned that the Guardians were losing him, and then A.J. noticed that Leader-1's dreams seemed to respond to their voices. They reminded him of all of the good he'd accomplished. In rapid succession, he remembered helping Wreck and the mutants of Old Gobotron, destroying Ultra Zod, saving the population of Tri-Ceti, and becoming the object of worship of the people of the Omega Prima system. That, along with their cloying encouragement, was enough to revive my hated nemesis. Rest-Q assured them that he would make a full recovery, and he thanked them for rescuing him from his own nightmares.

It would have been nice, just for once, if they had been able to keep their mouths shut.

David Oxford: Excellent tales, Lord Cy-Kill, but I am curious: how are you so intimately familiar with the finer details of that last event?

Cy-Kill: My spies are everywhere.

Christopher Colgin: Who is Wreck?

Cy-Kill: An ancient GoBot who cavorted with mutants and ran gladiatorial games deep inside Old Gobotron. Aptly named and beneath contempt. And even he was too smart to join the Guardians.

Christopher Colgin: What was Sentinel like?

Cy-Kill: A UNECOM misfire, a defensive robot better than twice the height of a GoBot. After Scooter hooked it into the UNECOM computer network, Dr. Turgenova creation decided that organic life was inferior and should be wiped out. I was able to bend it to my will, for a time, until Leader-1 revealed that GoBots were, indeed, part organic. Infuriated at being deceived, it chased me and mine into space. It took us days to finally shake the automaton.

Christopher Colgin: How does the molecular transfusion gun work?

Cy-Kill: Very well indeed.

Christopher Colgin: What are the people of Tri-Ceti like?

Chris McFeely: I bet I know how you could find out!

Vector Prime: Indeed! For those of you enjoying Cy-Kill's tales, you can learn more about the adventures of the GoBots by watching the Challenge of the GoBots cartoon, available on DVD.