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Lynxmaster (also written as Lynx Master) is a fictional character in the Unite Warriors portion of the Transformers series. He is a combiner with Sky Lynx serving as the core component.

Transformers: Unite Warriors

Lynxmaster is similar in terms of its components to Sky Reign, except that Smokescreen has been replaced with Ratchet; he thus consists of Sky Lynx, Ratchet, Wheeljack, Hound, and Trailbreaker.


Lynxmaster's comic reveals that Sky Lynx, Ratchet, Wheeljack, Hound, and Trailbreaker traveled to the ruined shell of Cybertron, where they encountered the damaged but still functional Vector Sigma. They also came across numerous badly damaged Autobots, and were then granted power by Vector Sigma to deal with the apparent culprit: Grand Galvatron, who had set his sights on another mechanized world whether humans and several Transformers were present. Their initial strike broke the villain down into his five components, who were engaged by Wheeljack, Hound, and Trailbreaker while Ratchet attended to a wounded Optimus Prime. Roller then attempted to destroy Optimus only to be halted by Sky Lynx, and Grand Galvatron reformed only to be challenged by Lynxmaster, who achieved victory after an intense battle. Unbeknownt to them, however, a group of shadowy figures were preparing to make their own debut.


  • Takara Transformers Unite Warriors Lynxmaster (2016)
A box set of 5 Autobots released by Takara.


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