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{{Infobox person
{{Infobox person
| name          = Kxlider  
| name          = Kxlider  
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| image        = [[File:kxlider.jpg |200px]]
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| alt          =  
| caption      = Kxlider   
| caption      = Kxlider   

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Born Amaan Siddiqui
26th September 2005
Nationality Indian
Occupation Musical Artist
Known for Song and genre type
Notable works Feelings song by kxlider
Height 5'11

Kxlider (Born On 26th September 2005) is an independent music artist, YouTuber and Audio editor is popularly known for his unique songs style and genre style, Kxlider is also known as Indian Musical Artist and Indian Dj, he have released several beats and loops via groovepads on several music streaming platforms.

Early life and personal life

Kxlider didn't knew about music until he started hearing Alan Walker's songs and started producing by himself. Kxlider have 1 sister and 2 brothers. Currently Kxlider studies in Basil School Vadodara.


Kxlider started his music journey in early 2020 after the influenced of many aspiring artist in his country, he used to make beats and loops via groovepads. At first Kxlider didn't knew anything about music production, his first beat "Dragonders" was released in early 2020. Kxlider didn't knew about streaming platforms much, h used to upload his creations on a YouTube then he started uploading his content on several streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple music, Deezer.


Feelings - 2021

Beat It - 2021

Reflect - 2021

Future Lies Ahead - 2021

Électrique - 2021

Ghost - Kxlider, AsM - 2021

All Alone - Kxlider, Lost Access - 2021

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