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Kickback is the name of several Transformers characters, usually Decepticons.


Generation 1

The original Kickback was a member of the Insecticons who turned into a grasshopper.

Animated series




Unicron Trilogy

Kickback is the name of one of Bruticus Maximus' components, though in the American version of the Transformers: Energon anime is was a nameless drone only seen in vehicle mode or as part of Bruticus Maximus.


  • Energon Kickback (2005)
Figure turns into a missile-launching tank; shares mold with Blight.

Transformers: Timelines

Shattered Glass

A heroic Decepticon secretly in league with Alpha Trion.

Aligned Continuity

Two incarnations of Kickback-it is unknown if the two are the same character or just identically named-are featured in the Aligned Continuity.

Animated series

Transformers: Robots in Disguise featured a grasshopper-like Kickback who transforms into a racecar and was an inmate of the Alchemor. He was restrained by Steeljaw and his pack as part of a ploy to lure Bumblebee's team out of their base so that Steeljaw's pack could take it over, and managed to escape the Autobots. He later linked up with the forces of Decepticon Island under Scorponok, Glowstrike, and Saberhorn, and ended up unintentionally leading Steeljaw there after encountering the wolf-like Decepticon during a supply run.

Video Games

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron features a Kickback closer in design and personality to his original Generation 1 counterpart.


  • Fall of Cybertron Kickback (2013)

Shattered Glass

Kickback is a heroic Decepticon.