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Kakuryu is a Decepticon and member of the Dinoforce.

Generation 1

Animated series

Kakuryu is the most simple-minded member of the Dinoforoce, often given to ridiculous behavior that enrages his commander Goryu.

While his fellow Dinoforce members became a construction crew on Earth at the end of the series, Kakuryu took to entertaining human children by letting them climb on him.


  • Kakuryu (1989)
A recolor of Monster Pretenders Slog with a Triceratops Pretender shell.

Shattered Glass

Wheeljack and his Dinobots in Dungeons & Dinobots

Kakuryu is one of the Dinobots created by Wheeljack who was captured by the Decepticons and reprogrammed to be a Dinocon.


Fun Publications

Kakuryu appears in the fiction Dungeons & Dinobots, a text based story from Fun Publications. He is one of the many Dinobots created by Wheeljack copying the designs from Grimlock. After surviving the battle at the Arch-Ayr fuel complex he is later captured by the Decepticons and reprogrammed as a Decepticon. Grimlock takes the Dinobots and Dinocons to gain embers from the Omega Terminus.[1]


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