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| birth_date        = 2004/10/02
| birth_date        = 2004/10/02
| nationality        = Bangladeshi
| nationality        = Bangladeshi
| education          = S.S.C 2020
| education          = Graduate
| occupation      = Bangladeshi Singer
| alma_mater        = Udayan higher secondary College
| alma_mater        = Udayan higher secondary College
| height            = 5'7
| height            = 5'7

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Juwel Chowdhury Ponishare-verified.png
Born Juwel Chowdhury
Nationality Bangladeshi
Education Graduate
Alma mater Udayan higher secondary College
Occupation Bangladeshi Singer
Height 5'7

Juwel Chowdhury is an Bangladeshi singer,Musucian,Music Producer And also Composer.He started his career as a guitarist.Then he started making cover songs of bollywood songs.Now he is a renowned Independent Music Producer .

Early Life

Juwel Chowdhury parents are Mostafa Chowdhury and Josna Begum. Her brother name Inzamul huq khan. Juwel was born in Barisal

Since childhood hood Juwel Chowdhury took coaching of Classical Singing

Educational Life

Juwel Chowdhury completed his Primary Education in Jatrabari Ideal High School, Secoundary education in Jatrabari Ideal High School and Higher secoundary education in Udayan Higher Secondary School.

Personal Life

Juwel Chowdhury is an optimist person who finds positivity in every Minor thing. Juwel Chowdhury is a soft-hearted and kind person. He also quotes that he is an animal lover. Apart from sources he hasn't revealed much about his personal life.

Career Life

With more than 6 years of experience, Juwel is an all-rounder not only having experience in Music but also in directing, scriptwriting, fixing camera angles and shots. Learning most of his acting skills from watching movies and series lying his major interest in the series world. His journey in the music industry started as a promoter. Juwel used to love the work which goes behind the songs and films which interested him to work in production. He started with the pre-production and later tried his hand in post-production. The reason to work in different departments was his struggle inside him to become the face for the audience.

Juwel Chowdhury started his debut by making a short movie which was directed, written, acted by himself. Later he involved himself with other fields then made a series which was played the lead role in 2018 in "Relex Moment", which was the first Sing. Later he worked on drawbacks and came with a trending series named "Lucifer", it was written, directed, and acted by himself. This project got recognition and crossed over 1 lakh views on social media(0.1 Million views). "Lucifer" was released both on Instagram and Youtube.

Today, Juwel has worked with more than 30 album.

teams all across the country. Currently, he is working on multiple album, particularly on Romantic song, and is looking forward to entertaining his audiences with more such album that are worth watching.