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Jhiaxus is a Decepticon featured in various branches of the Transformers franchise, whose name is based on the phrase "Gee, axe us."


Generation 2


Jhiaxus is known to be a member of the Cybertronian Empire founded by Liege Maximo.

Fun Publications

"Ask Vector Prime" later revealed that, following Galvatron II's departure, Jhiaxus and the Cybertronian Empire became an unexpected power for good. After Unicron devoured Cybertron, Primus' essence was dispersed among Transformer children, and helped Jhiaxus and his fellow Cybertronians shake off their former amorality. When Unicron turned his attention to the empire, Jhiaxus was sent to recruit the Trio-the last remaining Autobots-and the few remaining Decepticons imprisoned on Styx. The Cybertronian hordes then engaged in a massive assault on Unicron, eventually driving him battered and wounded to the psychic plane where he was engaged by Liege Maximo, who forced him out of that reality at the cost of his own Spark. The Empire would continue to watch over the universe, working closely with the Terran Coalition formed by various organic humanoid races. [1]

Robots in Disguise

Though he did not appear in the Robots in Disguise, Jhiaxus did receive a toy form, and later received storyline info from "Ask Vector Prime." In one of several versions, Jhiaxus was left in command of the ravaged Cybertron of his universe after his leader Megazarak departed to conquer another reality. [2] Yet another saw him use the Spark of a version of Transformers: Animated Waspinator to create a new version of Thrust, with his forces also including Obisidian. Jhiaxus' Destructicons were frequently opponents of the Elite Guard led by Storm Jet. [3] [4]


  • Jhiaxus (2003)
A repaint of Beast Machines Jetstorm and Sonic Attack Drone, and Robots in Disguise Storm Jet; was later repainted into Transformers: Universe Skywarp.

Unicron Trilogy

"Ask Vector Prime" would also add to other aspects of Jhiaxus' character, indicating a possible link between a Unicron Trilogy version of his Cybertronian Empire and the Transformers: Armada villain Sideways. [5] In this reality, Planet X was a colony world of the Cybertronian Empire conquered by Jhiaxus' forces, but was later moved into another reality following the fall of Liege Maximo. [6]

Generation 1

IDW Publishing

Fun Publications

In another reality touched on by "Ask Vector Prime", Jhiaxus was responsible for the death of Frenzy in the clutches of the Swarm, but was later pulled from this reality and reformatted by Unicron. [7]


  • Generations Jhiaxus (2014)
A remold of Generations Armada Starscream.
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