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Gunbarrel is the name of three fictional characters from the Transformers series. The original Gunbarrel was a Mini-Con Triple Changer jet introduced in 2003 who also turned into a gun.

Transformers: Armada

Transformers character
Gunbarrel in Dreamwave comics
Name Gunbarrel
Series Transformers: Armada
Transformers: Universe
First appearance Transformers: Armada episode #25, "Tactician"
Alternate modes Jet/Gun
Function Air Military Team Leader
Motto "Death from above!"
Partner Makeshift, Ramjet, Terradive, Thunderclash & Thunderwing
Rank 6
Sub-group Air Military Team, Triple Changers

Gunbarrel is the leader of the Air Military Team. He is domineering and hard to deal with, but a good leader. He loves to carve symbols into his armor. He has the most powerful weapons mode of his team mates.

Animated series

Gunbarrel first appeared in episode #25, called "Tactician." He appears among the captured Mini-Cons in the Decepticon base on the moon.

Gunbarrel appeared in episode #49, called "Alliance." He is among the Mini-Cons assisting the Autobots and Decepticons evacuating from Cybertron when it was attacked by Unicron.

Dreamwave Productions

Gunbarrel had a biography printed in issue #1 of the Armada More Than Meets The Eye series by Dreamwave Productions. [1]

Fun Publications

The first Universe Gunbarrel appears as one of the Mini-Con partners of Ramjet.[2]


  • Armada Mini-Con Gunbarrel (2003)
Released with his team partners. This toy was redecoed as the Mini-Cons Combusta, Effect, Cybertron Sky Lynx and remolded as Hyakurai.
  • Universe Mini-Con Gunbarrel (2004)
Gunbarrel had two toys in Universe. The first was part of a "Spring Value Pack", a Toys R Us exclusive which included the Air Military Mini-Con Team, Ramjet (repainted from Armada Skywarp) and his Mini-Con Thunderclash. The pack was criticised by many, especially the Mini-Cons for having a similar color scheme to their original releases.

Transformers: Universe

Transformers character
Universe Gunbarrel toy
Name Gunbarrel/Thunderstick
Series Transformers: Universe
First appearance Force of Habit by Fun Publications.
Alternate modes Jet/Gun
Partner Makeshift/Skysickle and Whirl
Sub-group Triple Changers

Gunbarrel, who is called Thunderstick in fiction, is a Mini-Con from the planet Combatron. He works under the direction of the Autobot Whirl.

Fun Publications

A character named Thunderstick appears in Force of Habit by Fun Publications who is based on the second Universe Gunbarrel toy. [3]


  • Universe Mini-Con Gunbarrel (2004)
Repackaged with Whirl and Makeshift. This toy was used to make the character of Thunderstick.


Transformers character
Transformers Gunbarrel toy
Name Gunbarrel
Series Transformers
Alternate modes Flugabwehrkanonenpanzer Gepard
Rank 3
Sub-group Scouts

Gunbarrel isn't much in the personality department. He rarely speaks, and prefers his vehicle mode to his robot mode. He doesn't use his brain module much, except to work out firing solutions on distant targets. In fact, he'd have his brain removed entirely if it'd make room for another cannon. His firepower is unmatched. Anyone up against him in a fight should just be thankful that his imagination and intelligence don't match up to the power of his weapons.

IDW Publishing

Gunbarrel is among the Decepticons who arrived on Earth under the direction of Soundwave in Transformers: Alliance #3. He arrives in Italy and assumed the form for an Earth tank.


In the novel The Veiled Threat a Decepticon named Payload is described as being an anti-aircraft tank. It is unknown if this could be a missnamed version of Gunbarrel, a new form of the Decepticon known as Payload, or a completely new character.


  • Transformers Scout Gunbarrel (unreleased)
Gunbarrel is a redeco of Energon Kickback and Blight, as well as Timelines Landquake. He is to be a Target store exclusive. Although pictures and leaked toys have appeared on the internet and he's been listed on toy lists at Hasbro's web site, the toy wave he is a part of has not yet been sold in Target stores. A real Flugabwehrkanonenpanzer Gepard is 768 centimeters long, while this toy is 10 centimeters long, giving it a scale of about 1:77. With the toy standing 11 centimeters tall as a robot, the real world robot would stand about 847 centimeters (27 feet 9 inches) tall.


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