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Transformers character
Name G.B. Blackrock
Series Transformers: Generation 1
Alternate modes None
Sub-group Human

G. B. Blackrock is a fictional character in the Marvel Transformers comic.

Fictional biography

He is a millionaire who owns several companies, facilities and arenas, the most notable being a petroleum company that manufactures and distributes fuel to cars. He is initially portrayed as a playboy, racing cars and sunbathing on boats in between business deals.

Following an attack by the current Decepticon commander, Shockwave, at one of his seabound oil refineries, one of Blackrock's workers, Josie Beller, was crippled.[1] Feeling responsible for her neurological injuries, Blackrock swore revenge on the Transformers by developing his own weapon. Beller, whilst a patient at the Blackrock Chronic Care Institute, developed a skin-tight costume of metal and circuitry to restore the use of her nervous system.[2] It enabled her to move, walk, even fly and release destructive electrical bolts. Assuming the name Circuit Breaker, Beller asked Blackrock when they were to start "going after the robots". Blackrock swore to do everything to stop them himself, leading to Beller leaving.

The following day, at the Blackrock Motor Speedway, during a huge media event organised by Blackrock to show off his new anti-robot weapon, he is intercepted by the Autobot Jazz in car mode. Explaining in detail the difference between Autobots and Decepticons, Jazz struck a deal with Blackrock to provide fuel sources for them, in exchange for them protecting his facilities. Agreeing, and returning to the unveiling of his weapon, he finds the weapon inoperative, courtesy of Circuit Breaker. The Decepticons Starscream and Frenzy attack the Speedway; as Jazz tries to confront them, Circuit Breaker, seeing all Transformers as evil robots, attacks Jazz, allowing Starscream to attack Jazz unimpeded. His fellow Autobot, Wheeljack is similarly disabled by Circuit Breaker. Following the Decepticons' retreat from the scene, Blackrock persuades his former employee to leave without further harm to the Autobots.[3]

Working with the Autobots

This begins the long association and allegiance of G.B. Blackrock with the Autobots. He often works with Bumblebee, whom he allows to refuel for free at any of his gas stations.

A story called The Gift in issue #93 of the Marvel UK comics explored Jetfire's problems fitting in with the other Autobots. Jetfire accompanied Jazz to a Blackrock fuel plant to oversee the creation of more fuel for the Autobots. The plant was attacked by Decepticons Thrust and Bombshell. Although Jetfire was able to put out a fire at the plant before it exploded, he blamed himself for being slow to react.

In the latter part of the series, Blackrock founded a team of human superheroes called the Neo-Knights. Blackrock himself does not have super powers, he simply acts as the team's manager.


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