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Flame is a name applied to several characters featured in the Transformers franchise.


Marvel Comics

In the British Transformers Marvel Comics, Flame was an Autobot scientist and former classmate of Emirate Xaaron who became deranged, betraying his old colleague and imprisoning him and the Wreckers using a zombie of their old comrade Impactor, one of many dead Cybertronians the insane genius had reanimated. Flame then planned to activate massive engines that would move Cybertron through space, which had previously been constructed on the orders of Megatron. He nearly succeeded, but was thwarted when the Wreckers escaped and with help from Ultra Magnus and their unlikely ally Trypticon managed to stop him, despite his victory in a duel with Xaaron. Flame's own genius would prove his undoing, as Impactor regained enough of his old self to remember his comrades, which led him to kill Flame before sacrificing himself to stop Flame's engines.

Flame had a red and orange color scheme and transformed into a tank.


Flame is one of the three Motorvators which combine into Big Motorvator.

Fictional biography

The thinker in the Motorvator team. Brilliant adviser in battle and tracking tactics. Sneaky and cunning in a conflict situation. As mentally agile as Lightspeed is physically fast, he leaves Overlord behind him in the brain power stakes. Housing Energon figure equipped with problem solving analytical compu-unit. A vastly intelligent mechanism in comparison with Overlord's basic function Energon operators. Flameproof laser-evader proton armor makes both vehicle and robot an invincible attack force.


  • Hasbro Transformers Motorvator Flame (1991)
A recolor of Laster. Comes with a mini-figure and sword.


Flame was the Japanese name for the Armada Mini-Con Thunderwing.


Flame was the name one of the Autobot Giacross combiners. He turned into a red fire truck.


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