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Energon is an energy source in the Transformers franchise, typically employed as fuel for the titular characters.


Generation 1

Animated series

In the original series, the Transformers produced Energon in cube form, with it serving as their primary sustenance. They could create it using various forms of energy, and depended on it for life and functionality. A deficiency of Energon could leave a Transformer unconscious or result in death, while an excess could produce a condition similar to human drunkenness. In Beast Wars, raw Energon-Energon that hadn't been refined-was actually harmful to Cybertronians over an extended period of time or in great enough quantities. However, various means existed of rendering a Transformer immune or at least resistant to such effects, and Transmetals and Fuzors were virtually invulnerable to Energon radiation.

BotCon/3H Enterprises

The BotCon 1997 fiction Transformers: Critical Mass featured the introduction-and one-time appearance-of Anti-Energon, a substance that reacted violently with Energon.

Unicron Trilogy

Animated series

Energon is the primary focus of Transformers: Energon, a mineral found underground on various planets. As in Generation 1, the substance could be harmful in its raw form, with only Omnicons and Terrorcons being capable of handling it without being damaged. However, Energon also possessed powerful curative properties in proper amounts, such as being used to heal Cybertronians and even rebuild the broken Unicron.


Aligned Continuity

Animated series




Super Energon

Super Energon is a highly potent form of Energon featured in Transformers: Energon.

In a Unicron Trilogy version of the Beast Wars, Tarantulas sought to harvest Super Energon on Earth and succeeded, but Optimus Primal stole his craft containing the powerful substance and sacrificed himself to destroy it in orbit. The resulting explosion mixed Super Energon and Transwarp energy to unleash a quantum surge that resulted in several combatants becoming Transmetals and Fuzors.[1]

Dark Energon/Angolmois


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