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Dinoking is a Decepticon Combiner introduced in the Transformers: Victory series as a repaint of Monstructor.


Generation 1

Animated series

Dinoking's components, the Dinoforce, served Deathsaurus in the Victory series, and formed Dinoking in order to battle their Autobot enemies, and was the most oft-recurring Combiner in the series. Despite the size and power of Dinoking, he never achieved any real victory: Star Saber defeated him single-handed or with aid from Victory Leo on several occasions, as did Road Caesar and all or some of the Brainmasters who composed him. Dinoking was also terrified by the mere presence of Galaxy Shuttle; Landcross was the only Autobot on his scale who never defeated him outright or terrified him into fleeing. He was thus also outclassed by not only Deathsaurus but also by Liokaiser, the combined form of the Breast Force.

Dinoking was first formed as the Decepticons attacked Jan Minakaze's school only to be defeated by Road Caesar; he would then attack a power planet alongside Leozack and other Breast Force members and engage Landcross briefly before being defeated by Star Saber. He would later face Road Caesar-and defeat-again while attempting to take over an amusement park, and then be bested by Star Saber after attempting to occupy a uranium mine. Dinoking would then suffer defeat at the hands of two Brainmasters while their companion deactivated the neutron bomb set by the Decepticons to destroy a major city. Dinoking would then fight to recapture Jan Minakaze after the Decepticons abducted him, but was defeated by Star Saber and then fled when Galaxy Shuttle arrived to back him up.

Due to the power of Liokaiser, Dinoking was not formed for a time, but was then forced to battle Victory Saber when the Autobot leader arrived to interfere with his attack on Jan's school. Despite possessing a new Dino Blaster Cannon in addition to his usual axe, Dinoking was defeated, but Victory Saber spared the Dinoforce members after witnessing the loyalty between them. Dinoking would then form a final time after Deathsaurus abandoned the Dinoforce on Earth, with the deluded Decepticons seeking to gain more energy on their leader's behalf. Dinoking would face Victory Saber and defeat once again, before being caught in the first attacks of Deathsaurus' Fortress on the Earth.