Deceptive Mini Constructs

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Deceptive Mini Constructs
Deceptive Mini Constructs box
Universe MasterShooter Collectibles fictional universe
Founded 2015
Key people Bonesaw, Scrap Hammer and Pick Maxter
Affiliations Deceptive Constructs

The Deceptive Mini Constructs are fictional characters and third-party Transformers made by MasterShooter Collectibles in 2015.

MasterShooter Collectibles

Deceptive Mini Constructs are a third-party Transformer toys.


The Deceptive Mini Constructs wree first teased on the MasterShooter Collectibles Facebook page in October 2015. They were sold at TFcon USA 2015.

Fictional biography

Poundplane created the Deceptive Mini Constructs as a labor force to build his machines of mass destruction. The plan was world domination. When the Deceptive MCs asked for a share in the new regime, Poundplane killed Scrap Hammer and Pick Maxter to teach Bonesaw his place in the world. Eventually, Mega-Gun caught on and put Poundplane into his place, ramming the jet into the ground. Bonesaw went into hiding and just tried to survive until Sparkle used him as a tool to fight his own battle. Bonesaw was killed by Sparkle after he'd served his purpose as a glorified wifi router. All hope was not lost though. Copbot was having withdrawal symptoms after losing his combining partners, and sought more construction bots to merge with. He found the remains of the mini-constructs and rebuilt them. Now they prowl around together as individuals until the mcguffin of combination can be found to give them gestalt capabilities.


  • MasterShooter Collectibles Deceptive Mini Constructs (2015)
The Deceptive Mini Constructs share the a common design with most of the ShooterMaster toys. A TFcon USA 2015 exclusive limited to 51 pieces.



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