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Deathsaurus (known as Deszaras in Japan and alternatively as Dezarus) is the leader of the Breast Force and other Decepticons, introduced in Transformers: Victory.


Generation 1

Transformers character
Name Deathsaurus
Alternate modes Robotic dragon
Gender Male

Animated series

Deathsaurus is established in Victory as the new leader of the Decepticons after the evil Transformers have been driven from Earth by the Autobots under Ginrai. He is such a threat that Star Saber, who apparently has a history with him that includes Deathsaurus' imprisonment in the mysterious Dark Nebula, travels to Earth himself to take command of the Autobot forces. Deathsaurus intercepts Star Saber and briefly battles him, and later follows him to the Moon to continue their duel only to suffer defeat. Departing aboard his vessel Thunder Arrow, Deathsaurus soon sets his sights on conquering the Earth with the aid of the Breast Force and the Dinoforce. Despite his capabilities as a combatant, he usually allowed Leozack to lead the Decepticons in the field while he remained aboard ship, only to welcome his ambitious lieutenant back coldly following the Decepticons' most recent failure.

Deathsaurus' history with Star Saber is eventually revealed, the Autobot leader having thwarted Deathsaurus' initial bid to become ruler of the universe by imprisoning his space fortress in the Dark Nebula. Deathsaurus' subsequent quest for Energon was a bid to reenergize his fortress so that he could use it to conquer the universe. This would lead to multiple engagements between him and Star Saber, including one in which the Autobot learned that being separated from his Breast animals left Deathsaurus greatly weakened. However, Deathsaurus' fury soon led him to greater fury in battle with Star Saber, and he also began utilizing a new weapon: the Living Metal Destroyer Cannon that targeted and attacked living metal. However, his first use of the weapon against Star Saber would not defeat the hero, as it disappeared due to Deathsaurus' energies being depleted by his first reactivation of the fortress, which he attempted to insure that his base could be revived.

With the aid of his minions-particularly the Breast Force in their united form of Liokaiser-Deathsaurus eventually amassed enough Energon to repower the fortress and move it out of the Dark Nebula, setting his course for Earth. He unleashed a devastating assault on the planet, but was eventually thwarted by the efforts of Jan Minakaze and engaged Star Saber in an epic final battle. Deathsaurus was defeated and left badly wounded, but managed to direct his fortress on a collision course for Earth. He then made his way to an airlock and opened it and was pulled out into space, where he floated aimlessly off and was never seen again, leaving his fate unknown.


The Victory manga would introduce a unique aspect to Deathsaurus and his forces: that their villainous plots were in fact an effort to reunite with their families; Deathsaurus notably had a "mate" named Esmeral. He also adopted a young human boy named Solon after Solon's mother perished during a Decepticon attack, and granted him cybernetic implants and a mech called King Solon, which could combine with Deathsaurus to form King Zaras. However, Solon later turned against Deathsaurus after learning the truth about his mother, and sided with the Autobots against his adopted father. In a further divergence from the anime, it would be Deathsaurus who would face Victory Saber outside the fortress as it approached Earth, only to be attacked by Leozack in an act of treachery that would see him team up with his foe to stop the fortress. Deathsaurus then revealed the true reason for his quest, and he and Star Saber initiated a peaceful alliance between their Autobots and Decepticons.

Fun Publications

Deathsaurus was recreated as a Decepticon leader with six modes long after his defeat at the hands of Star Saber, but sought to regain his role as Emperor of Destruction in order to lead the Decepticons and Predacons in crushing the Autobots and Maximals.


Transformers character
Name Deathsaurus
Alternate modes Robotic dragon
Gender Male

Shattered Glass

Deathsaurus is a member of the Mayhem Suppression Squad loyal to Megatron, though their methods occasionally drive him to his wit's end.

Wings Universe

In the alternate universe established by Transformers: Wings of Honor, Deathsaurus is one of several Decepticon leaders vying for power on Cybertron, and through a disguised bomb manages to take out a number of rivals including Trannis. He is served by Lyzack, sister of his lieutenant Leozack, who was imprisoned by the Autobots after being defeated. Deathsaurus later challenged Megatron for leadership of the Decepticons but was defeated and exiled.


  • Deathsaurus (1989)
A unique toy with Eagle and Tiger Breastplate accessories that was never repainted or remolded as a Transformers figure, but was rereleased in a new color scheme in Takara's Brave line as the character Red Geist.
  • Botcon Deathsaurus (2005)
A remold of Robots in Disguise Megatron/Galvatron; was later remolded into Botcon 2016 Megatron. This version of Deathsaurus inspired the appearance of his Shattered Glass counterpart, which had an alternate color scheme and has not been released as a toy.
  • Platinum Edition Liokaiser
A Combiner Wars set of five figures that features a repaint of Sky Lynx as Dezarus with coloring similar to Leozack's; he replaces Leozack and Jaruga as the core component of Liokaiser.