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Comettor is the name of two fictional characters in the Transformers series. The original Commetor is a Mini-Con which can transform in to a lunar rover.

Transformers: Armada

Transformers character
Armada Comettor toy
Name Comettor
Japanese name Sonar
Series Transformers: Armada
Alternate modes Lunar Rover
Motto "If you can't find what you're seeking inside, then look outside."
Partner Jetfire

Comettor (otherwise known as Sonar[1] in the Japanese series) is a Mini-Con which can transform in to a lunar rover. His partner is the Autobot Jetfire.

Comettor loves to explore. He hates being stuck in one place too long. He partnered with Jetfire, whose space travel capabilities are well known, would give him the chance to travel the universe[2] and indulge in his passion. Unfortunately, the war with the Decepticons has kept Jetfire, as well as Comettor, stuck planetside.[3]

Comettor possesses above-average intelligence, but below-average physical abilities. He is an astute explorer with extensive scientific insights and technical knowledge. In vehicle mode, he is an effective all-terrain exploratory vehicle that can relay communications as far as 250,000 miles away; he can also act as Jetfire's front landing gear in this mode.[2]

Animated series

  • Transformers: Armada[1]
  • Transformers: Armada Episode 36 - Mars
  • Transformers: Armada Episode 40 - Remorse

So far, Comettor has not appeared in any TV show other than Transformers: Armada.

Dreamwave Productions

  • Transformers: Armada (Dreamwave)
  • Transformers: Armada 9 - "Fortress (Part 2)"[2]
  • Transformers: Armada 12 - "Fortress (Part 5)"
  • Transformers: Armada 15 - "Worlds Collide (Part 2)"
  • Transformers: Armada 17 - "Worlds Collide (Part 4)"
  • Transformers: Armada 18 - "Worlds Collide (Part 5)"
  • More Than Meets The Eye: Transformers Armada (Dreamwave)
  • More Than Meets The Eye: Transformers Armada 2[1]


  • Jetfire w/ Comettor (Ultra-Con, 2003)
  • Powerlinx Jetfire w/ Powerlinx Comettor (Ultra-Con, 2003)
  • Jetfire w/ Comettor (Built to Rule, 2003)
  • Battle for the Matrix (Multi-pack, 2003)
  • Golden Jetfire w/ Golden Sonar (Ultra-Con, 2003)

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Transformers character
Name Comettor
Series Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Alternate modes Desert Patrol Vehicle
Partner Optimus Prime
Sub-group Deluxe Vehicles

Comettor is an Autobot in the Transformers: Dark of the Moon toy line.


  • Dark of the Moon Deluxe Comettor (2011)
A gray redeco of Deluxe Landmine from the 2007 film toy line, bundled with Voyager Class Optimus Prime (himself a re-release of the 2010 Battle Blades figure with his swords replaced with battle hooks) in a Walmart exclusive gift set.[4]


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