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BMOG Toys character
Chopp-Orr art
Created by

Species Bio-Mechanical Ordnance Gestalt manta


Alternate mode

Robotic manta ray/a duel barreled laser pistol which serves as his seat of intelligence and a double-bladed battle axe




Chopp-Orr is a fictional character and robot toy made by BMOG Toys in 2014. He is a heroic manta ray who turns into a laser pistol and axe. He is a TFExpo 2014 exclusive.


Chopp-Orr is a character from the BMOG (Bio-Mechanical Ordnance Gestalts) toy line. He is not an homage to any existing character, but meant to be used as either a stand-alone figure, or as accessories to any toy capable of using 5mm port accessories, such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers, Zoids Blox, and many others.

BMOG Toys designer Trent Troop has noted that while Carbearator and Chopp-Orr are green, they are a darker green than the "Toxic Spill" versions of the toys.


Carbearator and Chopp-Or were announced as TFExpo exclusives in March 2014. Their colors and names are a nod to Generation 1 Springer.[1]

Although initially solicited as "Chopp-Or" the spelling of the name was changed to "Chopp-Orr" on the final release.

Carbearator and Chopp-Orr were released at TFExpo 2014.


Fictional biography

To him, there is no problem so big that he can't hit with his head. So far this has not had any noticeable affect on his intelligence. Forged from Wrecktonite, the nigh-unbreakable bot believes he was granted a great gift that he could use for the betterment of all people, the ability to use his body to smash stuff & survive. A proven tactic, he'll stick with it til the day he off lines, & he's happy to tell you all about it. He's been a pick axe, bludgeon, lever, doorstop, & bottle opener...That's just this week! He doesn't even make use of the blaster that makes up his command core, it's perfect for denting armor, but as his wings have yet to chip, He'll stick to bashing!

The heroic Chopp-Orr was brought to life when weapons made by a group of evil interdimensional arms dealers were exposed to the power of the last world seed. He is a member of the Augmentoids and friend to Carbearator. He breaks down into an axe and laser pistol.


  • BMOG Toys Forest Green Bear and Manta Ray (2014)
A recolor of the Military Black Bear and Manta by BMOG Toys. Contains two rifles, two rocket launchers, a hammer, a tuning fork, a scanner, clamp, axe and laser pistol.
Comes with a sticker sheet and instructions.



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