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The Burns family is a group of characters from the Transformers franchise, specifically the Transformers: Rescue Bots series, who serve as emergency responders in the fictional town of Griffin Rock.



Horace and Bertha

The founder of Griffin Rock and his wife, who lived in American colonial times; Horace resembles his descendant Charlie Burns while Dani is the spitting image of Charlie's daughter Dani. Bertha, whose maiden name was Carnahan, spent a fruitful career as a pirate, plundering the citizens of Griffin Rock, but gave up the life out of her love for Horace. Fearing the stain it would bring upon Horace's reputation, Bertha kept her pirating past a secret and hid her loot, leaving clues in the hopes that her descendants would one day find the treasure and return it to its rightful home. A statue of Horace sits in the Griffin Rock town square, and a time capsule was placed beneath it several decades before the present-day period of the series.


Charlie Burns' grandfather-and thus great-grandfather to the current Burns siblings-a sea captain who headed the cargo ship U.S.S. Isolde, responsible for transporting experimental technology to Griffin Rock. During one particular mission, a sub-zero expander device malfunctioned and began encasing the ship in ice, and Zachary and his crew were forced to abandon ship due to the danger of moving the device. Decades later the ship-now trapped in an iceberg-was found by Dr. Thaddeus Morocco, who sought to salvage the valuable technology aboard and secured the rights from Griffin Rock's mayor. Cody Burns was able to recover his great-grandfather's log book, and Morocco later returned a portrait of Zachary to the Burns family; however, he had planted a camera so as to be able to spy on the Burns family, which enabled him to learn the truth about the Rescue Bots.


Charlie Burns is the police chief of Griffin Rock and the father of the Burns siblings Kade, Graham, Dani, and Cody; he is apparently a widower, as his wife is not seen or mentioned in the course of the series. Charlie is the first character to interact with the Rescue Bots, having met Optimus Prime through unknown circumstances and thus become involved in the project to have the Rescue Bots work undercover with his family to build relations between humans and Transformers. He is partners with Chase, the pair working together to enforce the law on Griffin Rock.

Charlie Burns is voiced by Maurice LaMarche.


Woodrow is Charlie's younger brother, an explorer and adventurer whose travels have taken him around the world and given him knowledge on a variety of subjects, though he has been considered somewhat irresponsible at times. Woodrow eventually became part of his family's partnership with the Rescue Bots after inviting them to join him on an underground expedition, during which time he learned of the Rescue Bots' sentience and also met Optimus Prime.

Woodrow Burns is voiced by Mark Hamill.


Kade is the oldest of the Burns children, and trained as a firefighter; he is second-in-command and thus usually takes charge in Charlie's absence. Vain and egotistical, Kade is quite proud of his own abilities and accomplishments and slow to share credit, which often puts him at odds with his partner Heatwave. However, underneath his self-centered exterior is genuine concern for his family and the people of Griffin Rock.

Kade also enjoys a relationship with Hayley, a schoolteacher in Griffin Rock initially put off by his attitude.

Kade is voiced by Jason Marsden.


The second oldest of the Burns siblings, Graham is the team's engineer and partners with Boulder for rescue operations. He and his brothers and sister enjoy a friendly, if occasionally antagonistic, relationship, with Graham often being teased due to his academic personality and interests.

Graham eventually developed an interest in a fellow engineering student named Amy after she moved to Griffin Rock, though he initially lacked confidence in approaching her. As of the fourth season Graham has earned a degree, with Boulder addressing him as "Dr. Burns."

Graham is voiced by Shannon McKain.


The only girl among the Burns siblings, Dani is an air-and-rescue pilot who loves flying high and fast, which occasionally puts her at odds with her partner Blades. She is a talented athlete, but somewhat infamous for her lack of cooking abilities-she is persistent in her efforts to improve in the latter field..

Dani becomes involved with a fellow pilot named Taylor in a first-season episode after saving him and his plane during a storm.

Dani is voiced by Lacey Chabert.


Cody is the youngest of the Burns siblings, and the first of them to discover the Rescue Bots' secret; he subsequently befriended them and proved to be a major player in helping their partnership with his family work. Though too young to have undergone rescue training, Cody usually fills the role of dispatcher, coordinating the team from their firehouse command center. At times Cody has sought a more active role, from operating a go-kart to using a protective energy shield as part of the "Rescue Boy" persona, though at times his efforts have landed him and others in trouble. Despite this, he remains dedicated to helping his family and the Rescue Bots in their mission.

Cody is best friends with Frankie Greene; the pair enjoy a number of activities, often partner up for schoolwork, and have enjoyed several adventures alongside the Rescue Bots.

Cody is voiced by Élan Garfias, though in one episode he was voiced by Oliver Vaquer when he was artificially aged into an adult.