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Axer, or Axor, is the name of two fictional Decepticon characters from the Transformers series first introduced in 1990.

Transformers: Generation 1

Transformers character
Box art for the Axer toy
Name Axer
Series Transformers: Generation 1
Transformers: Robots in Disguise
Alternate modes None/Motorcycle
Function Bounty Hunter
Gender Male
Motto "No prey is too large, no fee is too small."
Rank 7
Sub-group Action Masters

Axer is a Decepticon Action Master bounty hunter.

Fictional biography

Robots in Disguise: Axer learned his craft hunting down microchip smugglers in the slag swamps of Cybertron. Following a erscue mission into a black hole, Axer joined Galvatron on Earth to keep tabs on his "operation." This custom-designed all-terrain turbo cycle is equipped with heat-seeking proton missiles and quadraphonic sonic blasters. He brandishes an arm-mounted magnetic destabilizer cannon in robot mode. Resents Scourge as leader.

IDW Publishing

Banzai-Tron, Gutcruncher, Axer and the Combaticons help Arcee attempt to recapture Monstructor.[1]


  • Generation 1 Action Master Axer (1990)
He came with a motor cycle. This toy was redecoed into Circuit.[2]

Robots in Disguise

Another version of Axer appeared in the Robots in Disguise toy line.


  • Robots in Disguise Sideways vs. Axer (2002)
Sideways is a recolor of Generation 2 Road Rocket. Axer is a recolor of Generation 2 Road Pig.

Transformers films

Transformers character
Name Axor
Series Transformers
Alternate modes Muscle car
Gender Male
Sub-group Deluxe Vehicles

This incarnation of Axor appears in the 2010 Transformers toy line.[3]


  • Transformers Deluxe Axor (2010)
A white redeco of the Deluxe Lockdown figure from Revenge of the Fallen, with a new head sculpt patterned after the original G1 figure.[3]