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Axalon is a name applied to a Transformers ship and in one instance a character.


Generation 1

Animated series

The Axalon was a ship captained by Optimus Primal intended as an exploration vessel, though it was also given the unpleasant task of transporting Protoform X to his exile. However, shortly after embarking on its mission, the Axalon detected the Darkside, a ship stolen by Megatron and his crew of Predacons after their theft of the Golden Disk. Pursuing the Predacon craft, the Axalon engaged the Darkside in a dogfight through transwarp space that led them to prehistoric Earth. Damaged by its opponent, the Axalon jettisoned the majority of its crew-contained in stasis pods-into orbit around the planet before shooting down the Darkside. It would then serve as the Maximal base throughout the first and second season of Beast Wars.

On one occasion, the Predacons faked their own demise in a bid to trick the Maximals into repairing the Axalon using components from the Darkside so that they could steal it from their foes and escape the planet. However, in the ensuing conflict, the ship was irreparably damaged, leaving it incapable of taking flight again. The stasis pods launched from the Axalon would serve as the primary means of introducing new characters into the series after the introduction of the initial crews, with the short-lived involvements of Starscream and Ravage and the arrival of Depth Charge being the only exceptions.

The Axalon would eventually be lost when the Predacons knocked it off the cliff where it had landed into a nearby body of water, forcing the Maximals to salvage what components they could to build a new base in the volcano where the Ark rested. They later attempted to salvage the Axalon security system, Sentinel, from the ship, only for it to end up in the hands of the Predacons.

BotCon/3H Enterprises

The stasis pods of the Axalon would serve to introduce additional characters into the BotCon storylines, including such notables as Packrat, Fractyl, Onyx Primal, Vice Grip, Ramulus, Spittor, and Sonar, as well as enabling the revival of Airazor as a Transmetal.

Fun Publications

In Transformers: Dawn of the Predacus, the Axalon was sent to investigate transwarp readings coming from Unicron's head, through Rattrap noted that it was due to the Autobots/Maximals having no other ships to send. The ship's shields also partially blocked a transmatter wave launched by the Tripredacus Council, preventing them from turning all Cybertronians into protoforms. In Transformers: Dawn of Future's Past, the Axalon was joined in its pursuit of the Darkside by a small ship crewed by Tigatron and Airazor. This ship was destroyed during the battle, but Rhinox managed to rescue the Sparks of the pair and transfer them into blank protoforms.

IDW Publications


In the Transformers: United toy line, Axalon was a new character created after the Axalon was granted a Spark in order to join the battle against Unicron, who had fused himself with the Ark.


  • United Axalon (2012)
A repaint of Energon Sharkticon.