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Robotix character
Robotix Argus box
Created by

Milton Bradley
Release number

Species Protecton
Significant other(s) Narra


Exeter Galaxon

Argus is a fictional character from the Robotix series. He is leader of the Protectons.


Fictional biography

Argus is Leader of the Protectons. Before his transfer into a Robotix body known as the R-2000. He was the chief-in-command of Protecton Capital, Zanadon, and had a romantic relationship with Narra. He is compassionate and brave, and tries to help the humans. He despises killing to the point that he'd rather hurt himself than allow anybody to use him to kill another being. He almost suffered a nervous breakdown upon discovering that his mind and life force were downloaded into a robot shell. He has a humanoid robot form with a head on a long neck and a curved blade for a right hand. Memorable transformations and features include a car-like form, a hand blade changing into a gun, laser cannons deploying from his chest, a head usable as a ramrod, and a compact mode with shrunken arms and legs. His pilot of choice is Exeter Galaxon.


  • Robotix R-2000 Argus


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