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Micronauts character
Anuboid custom figure
Created by

Species Anuboid
Occupation Bounty Hunter

  • Energy blasts

Anuboid was to be a fictional character from the Micronauts series. He was a proposed toy Palisades toy that was never released.


Anuboid was one of several figures for wave 2.5 of the Palisades Micronauts toy line proposed by Bryan Wilkinson. It mixed parts from Centaurus, Membros, Pharoid and Repto.


In February 2004 Bryan Wilkinson posted a picture of his custom Anuboid on Flickr.[1][2]

Bryan Wilkinson discusssed Anuboid on Facebook in 2018.

I had suggested an Anuboid figure for Palisades 2.5... would have had a mix of Membros and Centaurus parts with Membros bits painted to look like a mummy, and have a painted Time Chamber.
Yes. It would have had a Membros torso too. It was a rough idea, but I think painting the body in a white drywash with some detailing to suggest zombified flesh could have looked effective. I do have a custom figure like above but with clear orange pelvis and lower legs, and a modified head that has painted eyes and no exposed brain. I will try to find a pic later of that.

In 2018 several parts for Anuboid were release on Shapeways by Mathew Robert Ignash.


  • Palisades Micronauts Anuboid with Time Chamber (unreleased)
This 1:18 scale figure would have used the body of Membros (mostly the black Palisades Membros, but with upper legs, waist and cuffs and feet from the clear yellow Palisades Membros), the head and shield of Centaurus (black parts), the gun from Repto (black gun from the Palisades clear Repto) and the Time Chamber from Pharoid.