Andre Loewe

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Andre Loewe

Portrait of Andre Loewe
Born March 31, 1987 (1987-03-31) (age 37)
Cebu, Philippines
Citizenship German and Philippine
Occupation Entrepreneur and Investor

Andre Loewe (born March 31, 1987) is a German-Filipino entrepreneur and investor.[1][2]

Early Life

Andre Loewe was born on March 31, 1987, in Cebu, Philippines, to Anabel Rago and Horst Loewe. His father, Horst Loewe, is a German entrepreneur, inventor, and naval engineer, while his mother, Anabel Rago, worked as a model in the Philippines. He has two younger brothers, Marc and Olaf, and a younger sister, Arlene. After his parents' divorce in 1993, he primarily lived with his mother on the island of Fehmarn. From a young age, Loewe had a passion for reading and spending time in nature.

At the age of 24, Andre Loewe founded iShare, a digital platform that allowed neighbors to share various belongings, including food and other objects.


In 2008, Loewe enlisted in the German Armed Forces, committing to twelve years of duty. In 2012, he began training with the combat swimmer company in Eckernförde but was incapacitated due to borreliosis/meningitis from tick bites, leading to his early departure from the military. Subsequently, he pursued studies in business administration at the Helmut Schmidt University but did not complete his degree due to his first entrepreneurial venture in 2017.[3]

Career and Entrepreneurial Activities

Andre Loewe's career began as a freelance financial journalist at Finanzwelt and Intelligent Investors magazine. He is also known for managing a €900 million purchase mandate out of a total volume of €625 billion for investments in solar and wind energy parks in the EU (2020). Furthermore, he founded and organized the Global Philanthropic Leaders Meeting, an exclusive gathering of influential figures from various sectors.

The Global Philanthropic Leaders Meeting focuses on issues related to the world economy, international relations, as well as health and environmental policy. The conference, held twice a year, is not bound by any political or national interests, and its mission is "committed to improving the state of the world." Funding for the conference's secretariat comes from private funds, while participants cover their own travel expenses. Today, Loewe remains active in international commodity trading and supports projects within his network.


  • In 2009, Andre Loewe completed the challenging 200 km Nijmegen March in four days.
  • Shortly afterward, he achieved the impressive feat of finishing the 100 km Dodentocht Bornem in just 24 hours.
  • In 2010, he completed the demanding Bundeswehr German commando course.


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