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Anatoly Volkhover (born March 21, 1970) is an American entrepreneur,[1] author,[2] innovator, computer scientist, and software architect. He is the Founder of Rishon,[3] Prophecta,[4] Manumatix, and Stage14. His book Become an Awesome Software Architect[5] propels software engineers to the next level in their craft. Volkhover's latest invention, Rishon,[6] makes software engineers 100+ times more efficient on enterprise-scale development projects.


Volkhover was born and grew up in St. Petersburg, Russia, where he studied mathematics, physics, and computer science at Saint Petersburg Lyceum 239 (1985-1987). He holds a Bachelor's in Computer Science from Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University (1987-1991). In early 1992, Volkhover moved to the United States, where he lived in Silicon Valley, California, until late 2020, when he moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He is married to Elena Fisherman.


Volkhover started working on computer software in the mid-1980s. After moving to Silicon Valley in 1992, he worked at Hitachi as a Senior Software Architect and joined Fourth Dimension Software as Vice President of Engineering (1994-2003). At Fourth Dimension, Volkhover invented and spearheaded the development of COOL-RIDE, a rapid application development platform, which included a visual programming language, object-oriented data persistence, distributed real-time transaction processing, and a zero-latency performance profile. Later, he became a Chief Technology Officer at Roundtrip Systems (2004-2009), where he architected and oversaw the implementation of digital transformation and automation solutions for tour operators, airlines, and online travel portals.

In 2009, Volkhover established Manumatix, a social marketing technology provider for consumer product, retail, and entertainment brands. He was also behind the technologies of several other startups, including the gaming platform Pixo (2014-2015) and the social network for stage performers BuzzRay (2015-2016). In 2016, Volkhover formulated Stage14, a consumer behavior-altering technology for hospitality and retail, and served as Director of Engineering at Minted (2017-2020).

In 2019, Volkhover published Become an Awesome Software Architect[3][5], the book aimed at teaching software engineers the craft of enterprise architecture. The book summarizes his experience mentoring software engineering teams through his earlier career.

Volkhover joined Braintree Ltd as their CTO in 2020, overseeing research and development in Symbolic Artificial Intelligence. He transitioned to Prophecta[4] in 2022 to create a commercial product based on the prior AI research at Braintree Ltd. Prophecta offers enterprise optimization solutions for Fleets, Transportation, Supply Chain Logistics, Construction, and Manufacturing. The company focuses on recovering large sums of money wasted due to business inefficiencies, improving safety, and reducing carbon footprint and other environmental damages.

Throughout his career, Volkhover pursued his passion for building reliable and inexpensive enterprise software solutions. After creating COOL-RIDE in the early 2000s, he focused on three main research areas: unified architecture for distributed enterprise systems, reduced cognitive overload on engineer’s brain when programming, and specialized AI architectures capable of eliminating mundane engineering tasks.

In 2022, to commercialize his research, Volkhover established Rishon,[6] an AI-powered engineering platform that directly understands and implements business specifications without coding. Rishon significantly reduces the cognitive load on software engineers and eliminates repetitive tasks, resulting in 100+ times higher productivity and 1000+ times greater reliability.

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