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TFcon character
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Species Transformer


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Cybertronian jet

Anarchy is a fictional character created by TFcon as a third-party Transformer. He is based on the TransformersCon 2006 exclusive Stealth Cyclonus Hard Hero bust.


The Hard Hero Stealth Cyclonus bust was first announced in March of 2006.[1]

Anarchy is one of Cyclonus' "armada".

TFcon comics

Anarchy first appears TFcon 2010 comic "Nightbird Rebirth". In the story Nightbird and Anarchy attempt to steal the Master Cannons from the Autobots. Anarchy flies Nightbird to spaceship Maximus where she sneaks past the Autobots Canadian Patriot, R.E.V., Powered Commander, Deep Cover, Proto and Flash. She kills Flamethrower to get to the Master Sword. She uses the sword to reformat her body to a form based on Valkyrie, then returns to Anarchy.[2]

Anarchy appears in the TFcon 2012 program comic "Hardworker". In this story he places a group of displaced Seibertron warriors on Earth during the Masterforce Wars. These warriors include Powered Commander, Stronghold, Flamethrower, Downshift, R.E.V., Flash and Hurricane.[3]

According to the biography for TFcon 2013 Decepticharge, Anarchy helped Decepticharge escape capture during the great war by transporting him to the Kiss Play universe.

Anarchy appeared in the comic released for the 2013 TFcon, called "Lost World, Lost Mind". In the story the GoBits Roswell and Van Guardian are swept away against their will and meet Anarchy, Bullet, Decepticharge, Edge, Night-Bird, Project Z, Prototype X, Shield and Toxin.[4]


  • Hard Hero Stealth Cyclonus Bust (2006)
A TransformersCon 2006 exclusive recolor of the Hard Hero Cyclonus bust. The bust was made for Cyber City Con but were not ready in time for the convention. Cyber City contacted TransformerCon and asked if they would like to make them available there since they had already been produced.[5]
Limited to 100 pieces.
This bust was repurposed as Anarchy.



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