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Logo Of Amar iSchool
Native name Amar iSchool
Years active 2022- present
Known for IT Education
Amar iSchool

Amar iSchool is an online educational platform which reduces the skill gap in the job market.

Who are they?

Amar iSchool is one of the best Tech Educational platform in Bangladesh Amar iSchool was founded by MD Abdullah Al Nasim in the end of 2019. Amar iSchool provides you with the most fascinating Live Classroom feature to connect with expert mentors and learn from them directly. It helps reduce the skill gap in the job market.

In the end of 2019 they participate on Grameenphone Accelerator Programme. After that they started bringing different courses as an Organisations. Basically they are an Online IT Educational Platform. They want to change the youths of this generation in a powerfull source of knowledge.

The Journey of Amar iSchool

The founder & CEO of Amar iSchool, MD Abdullah Al Nasim, is a graduate student of the Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology from Computer Science and Engineering department. In his University life Nasim find out one thing that, the demand of studying in IT Platform is slowly increasing but there are no open source or platforms are available, from where the youths of this generation in bangladesh can learn and make there career in IT Department.

He also find out that his classmates and some of his friends are facing the same problem. In that year only 40% of his batch mates got job easily in a very short time and the others have to work hard and hard for the job's and finally it takes 3-4 years to fulfil their dreams. So it became a big problem for the students. After graduation many of them aren't getting job, so they are suffering from many problems.

So Nasim started thinking a lot about this, then he find out the main reason of not getting job is Skill Gaping'. The Youths of this generation don't want to learn something new, They don't want to go ahead with the current technology. So it became a problem for them. Then he decided that he would do something about it, then he launched an online IT Educational Platform called Amar iSchool. Amar iSchool provide you Online Classes and Live Class for many kinds of different courses.

They have told us that they are planing something like that before COVID appears. For COVID-19 people’s are understanding the importance of Online Classes. They are trying to improve the skill gaps of a student by they’re live classes.

List of the Category of all Courses

Name of a few Online Course

And many more....


Amar iSchool is an online educational platform which reduces the skill gap in the job market. It is not just providing courses, rather they give internship opportunities to the students so that they learn about professionalism before starting their career. Moreover, it gives the opportunity of internship to the undergrad students. Amar iSchool is also bringing a mentorship program that will take it to a different phase of perfection. This program is a vital part of this platform. Because most of the students are just stuck in their academic life. They really do not know that besides academic life there is a big world that is tough.

Amar iSchool

believes in the necessity for such strategies from the very beginning level like undergrad level so that students can prepare themselves for this tough world and can ensure their position in a higher place.

Only academic knowledge can not ensure a job in the Tech market. To ensure their own position in the Tech market, students need to adapt some skills out of academic knowledge and Amar iSchool is ensuring this. Amar iSchool grabbed and structured the most on-demand, job-oriented skills so that students will only need one place to fulfill their desire for knowledge.