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The AllSpark is an element of the Transformers series, and describes an object or state of existence connected to the creation and afterlife of various Transformers characters in different aspects of the franchise. It is also known as the Well of AllSparks and in some media as the Matrix, not to be confused with other subjects that also bear that name.


Generation 1

Animated series

First mentioned in The Transformers: The Movie under the name Matrix, in which Optimus Prime spoke of it in connection to his impending decease prior to passing on the Matrix of Leadership.

In Beast Wars and Beast Machines the Matrix was spoken of in much the same sense, with the character of Optimus Primal entering it or nearly entering it on at least two occasions. In Beast Machines he emphasizes that Sparks are meant to depart the Matrix and then return to it with the knowledge and experience they have gained, thus enriching all Transformer-kind. This series also introduced the concept of the Pit, often described as the Hell-equivalent to the Matrix's Heaven.

Marvel Comics

The Matrix as featured in the original Transformers comics was a shadow of an even higher state; in versions of the story where Primus was one of several "light gods," he sought to defeat Unicron in order to achieve entrance into the Omniversal Matrix, where the rest of his brethren resided.


Transformers was the first media to feature the name AllSpark, here applied to the object that gave life to the Transformer species.


In Transformers: Animated the AllSpark is once again an object, while the Well of AllSparks is the Transformers afterlife.

Aligned Continuity