Alexander Pecka

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Alexander Pecka
Born 3rd October 1991
Vienna, Austria
Nationality Austrian
Occupation Entrepreneur
eCommerce Coach

Alexander Pecka born 3.10.1991 in Vienna, Austria is an eCommerce entrepreneur and eCommerce coach.

Early life and education

Grew up in Vienna. In his school days he became aware of the advantages of being wealthy[1] As a very bad student, he got many warnings from the principal, then in 2011, he dropped out of school. After dropped out from school, he joined 2012 the Austrian military and was deployed abroad in Syria for 13 months. Back in Austria, in 2014 he joined the Austrian police. After 3 years on the street, he changed to the immigration police department. In 2019, he quit the secure police job and started his own business in eCommerce.


In 2019, he started a dog accessories brand with his company. The company recorded great success. After 2.5 years, the company has achieved a total turnover of over 10 million USD. The brand is well established among dog owners in the USA. In 2021, after the great success in the USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA and New Zealand, the European market was also opened. The company has about 50 employees worldwide. In 2021 AP Enterprises Holding GmbH was founded to invest in potentially successful startups.[2]

Personal Life

He is regularly invited to Ecommerce events and give speeches in the field of eCommerce. He is interested in charitable donations. His company donates to dog shelters throughout the US. He is a motorsport fan and an enthusiastic scuba diver.