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The Alchemor is a prison ship featured in Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015), a portion of the Aligned Continuity of the Transformers franchise.


Aligned Continuity

Animated series

The Alchemor was a maximum security prison ship transporting a number of Decepticon prisoners through space when it was attacked by Megatronus and caused to crash-land on Earth as part of his scheme to free himself from another dimension where he had been imprisoned by other members of the Thirteen Primes. The ship split into two pieces, which came down in the area of Crown City on Earth; one piece ended up becoming Bumblebee's home base while the other was dubbed "Decepticon Island" and inhabited by many of the ship's former prisoners under the leadership of Scorponok, Glowstrike, and Saberhorn. Many of the ship's other inmates were released and scattered across the planet, either seeking to establish new operations on Earth or attempting to leave the planet. This scattering also affected the ship's complement of Stasis pods and Energon cubes, which various parties collected in the ensuing conflict.

The Alchemor also carried at least three Decepticon Hunters designed to be used in tandem by multiple guards, as well as a crew of Mini-Cons who served as both caretakers and prison guards. Most of these were captured and enslaved by the Decepticon Island faction, the only known exception being Fixit. They were set to work rebuilding the Alchemor for the Decepticons' use, but this plan was thwarted after Steeljaw seized control of the island and was then defeated by Bumblebee and his team. After detonating a stasis bomb aboard the ship, Optimus Prime resolved to take the prisoners back to Cybertron for reincarceration.

List of inmates