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Albacora Group
Type Seafoods
Founder(s) Ignacio Lachaga

Albacora Group is a Spanish-based seafood company established in 1974.[1][2][3] They are known for their tuna fishing fleets, canned tuna and is the biggest Tuna company in Europe in terms of capture.[4][5][6] The company owns the brands Campos, Bachi,[7] Astor and Aiko.


The original company was founded by Ignacio Lachaga, who created Albacora SA in 1974 to concentrate its business in the Tropical Tuna captures.[8][9][10] The company acquired Salica Industria Alimentaria S.A. a tuna manufacturer and created a new company Salica Alimentos Congelados to focus on the European market for tuna loins and related products.[11]

In 2001, company established a plant in Ecuador to process frozen cooked loins. In 2004, the company again set up a production plant in Galicia for frozen seafood product needs. The company started expanding their canned products range and another frozen raw loins plant was set-up in 2009.[12]

In 2013, Salica del Ecuador decided to expand its facilities to diversify its canning formats and in 2016 the Pouch line was introduced. As of 2018, Salica del Ecuador S.A. is one of the most important tuna canneries producer in the world, with clients in Europe, Middle East, South America and North America.[13]

Awards and recognition

  • 1997: Lachaga won the title of best Basque Country Businessman
  • 2012: Las Palmas port foundation – Client Award
  • 2018: Premios FINE – Fishing award[14][15]
  • 2018: Fedexpor awards[16]


  • Albacora S.A.[17]
  • Sálica Industria Alimentaria[18]
  • Sálica Alimentos Congelados[19]
  • Sálica del Ecuador SA[20]
  • Consignaciones Puebla S.A.[20]
  • Tunatrade S.L.[20]


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