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Ajai Sharma

Sharma at Entrepreneurship Conclave at WGSHA,Manipal
Born 12 December 1996 (1996-12-12) (age 27)
Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India
Nationality Indian
Alma mater
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Ajai Sharma (born December 12, 1996) is an Indian chef.[1]

Early Life

Sharma in a 1995 yearbook

Ajai Sharma's culinary journey is a testament to his innate passion for the art of cuisine, which blossomed during his formative years in Meerut, India. From a young age, Sharma found himself captivated by the diverse and tantalizing world of food, setting the stage for a remarkable career in Hotel Management.

To fortify his foundation in the culinary arts, Ajai Sharma pursued his undergraduate studies at the esteemed Manipal Academy of Higher Education. This distinguished institution, known for its commitment to excellence, provided Sharma with a comprehensive education in Hotel Management. Under the guidance of experienced mentors, he not only gained theoretical knowledge but also developed practical skills that would become the cornerstone of his culinary prowess.

Eager to refine his craft and immerse himself in global culinary techniques, Sharma sought further enrichment at The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. This renowned institute stands as a beacon of culinary innovation and expertise, attracting aspiring chefs from around the world. Sharma's decision to undergo formal training at this esteemed institution reflected his commitment to reaching the pinnacle of culinary excellence.

During his time at The Culinary Institute of America, Ajai Sharma delved into a rigorous and immersive culinary program. The institute's state-of-the-art facilities and world-class faculty provided him with a platform to sharpen his skills, experiment with diverse ingredients, and master the intricacies of both classical and contemporary culinary methods.

Sharma's culinary education at Hyde Park went beyond the confines of a traditional classroom. He engaged in hands-on experiences, collaborated with fellow culinary enthusiasts, and absorbed the nuances of culinary artistry under the tutelage of industry veterans. The multicultural environment at the institute further enriched his understanding of global flavors, allowing him to blend traditional Indian influences with cutting-edge international culinary techniques.

Armed with a comprehensive education and refined skills from The Culinary Institute of America, Ajai Sharma emerged as a culinary virtuoso ready to leave an indelible mark on the gastronomic landscape. His journey from Meerut to New York reflects not only a personal triumph but also a commitment to pushing the boundaries of culinary innovation.

Ajai Sharma's story is one of passion, education, and dedication—a narrative that inspires aspiring chefs and enthusiasts alike. His culinary odyssey from the vibrant streets of Meerut to the culinary epicenter of Hyde Park showcases the transformative power of a fervent love for food coupled with world-class education. Today, Ajai Sharma stands as a culinary luminary, blending cultural richness with culinary finesse to create a distinctive and unforgettable gastronomic experience.[2][3]. He further honed his culinary skills through formal training at The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York[1].


Sharma from his days at Cafe Altro Paradiso, New York City

Ajai Sharma's impact extends far beyond the realm of culinary expertise, as he has made significant contributions to various facets of the hospitality industry, showcasing his multifaceted talents and dedication to the craft.

In addition to his culinary prowess, Sharma has distinguished himself as a prolific author, leaving an indelible mark on the literary landscape with a culinary book that meticulously explores the rich heritage and recipes of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This publication not only stands as a testament to Sharma's commitment to preserving culinary traditions but also sheds light on the cultural significance of Jeddah's evolving gastronomic scene.[4]

Sharma's culinary journey commenced as a prep cook at the Hilton Hotel Doha in 2015, where he honed his skills and laid the foundation for his remarkable career. His journey took him to pivotal roles at prestigious establishments such as the renowned Taj Hotel in Mumbai and the esteemed Hyatt Hotel in Jeddah. These experiences not only broadened his culinary repertoire but also allowed him to immerse himself in diverse culinary traditions and practices.

Sharma From his days at Gramercy Tavern, New York City
Notably, Ajai Sharma expanded his horizons by gaining valuable experience at Michelin-starred restaurants, including the acclaimed Gramercy Tavern and Cafe Altro Paradiso in the vibrant culinary hub of New York City. Working in such esteemed establishments further refined his culinary techniques and exposed him to the highest standards of gastronomy.

His time at these Michelin-starred venues provided Sharma with a unique perspective and a refined palate, enabling him to infuse innovation and sophistication into his culinary creations. This exposure to diverse culinary landscapes also influenced his approach to blending flavors and techniques, contributing to the development of his signature style.

Ajai Sharma's journey in the hospitality industry, from his humble beginnings to international culinary experiences, reflects a commitment to excellence and a passion for culinary exploration. His diverse professional background showcases not only his culinary skills but also his adaptability and willingness to embrace new challenges. As a result, Sharma stands as a dynamic figure in the culinary and hospitality world, leaving an enduring legacy that transcends borders and cultures.[5]. He currently holds the position of Head Chef at DIVA Italian in Greater Kailash 2, New Delhi which is owned by the Maestro Chef Ritu Dalmia.

Bite In With Bawarchii

Ajai Sharma who, in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, ventured into the realm of podcasting, launching his own show titled "Bite in With Bawarchi." This podcast aims to provide listeners with an insightful look into the experiences and expertise of prominent figures within the hospitality industry. "Bite in With Bawarchi" takes its audience on a captivating journey through the world of food and hospitality, featuring engaging conversations with renowned chefs, passionate foodies, and dedicated individuals.

The podcast delves into the remarkable experiences of its guests, tracing their journeys from humble beginnings to culinary stardom. Listeners are treated to firsthand accounts of the trials, triumphs, and unforgettable moments that have shaped the careers of these individuals in the dynamic and competitive world of the hospitality industry.

With a distinct focus on celebrating the power of food to connect people to their past and culture, "Bite in With Bawarchi" promises to satisfy listeners' hunger for knowledge, inspiration, and mouthwatering stories. By exploring the diverse stories behind each guest, the podcast highlights the cultural and historical significance of food, showcasing its ability to bridge gaps and create meaningful connections.

As of the latest update in January 2022, the podcast has garnered attention for its engaging content and unique approach to storytelling within the culinary world. Additionally, it has become a platform for both established and emerging figures in the industry to share their insights, providing a valuable resource for enthusiasts and aspiring professionals alike.

Furthermore, it has been announced that the podcast is set to release its highly anticipated Season 3 in mid-2024. This upcoming season is expected to continue the tradition of bringing compelling narratives and conversations that captivate the audience's interest, offering a fresh perspective on the ever-evolving landscape of food and hospitality.

In summary, Ajai Sharma's "Bite in With Bawarchi" podcast is a celebration of the rich tapestry of experiences within the hospitality industry, weaving together stories of passion, perseverance, and culinary excellence. As it continues to evolve with the upcoming Season 3, the podcast remains a source of inspiration and knowledge for those who share a deep appreciation for the art and culture of food.and expertise of prominent figures within the hospitality industry[6].[7]


  • "29th Most Influential Author" in Delhi Wire author category in 2023


  • Saffron Saffairs: Unearthing the Majestic Flavours of India's Royal Kitchens (2023), ISBN 9798890668547 "Saffron Saffairs: A Culinary Journey into the Flavors of Royalty" presents an immersive exploration of India's rich royal culinary heritage. This captivating book takes readers on a voyage through the illustrious royal kitchens, where generations of royal families nurtured and refined culinary traditions that have significantly influenced India's diverse cuisine. The book provides vivid descriptions, historical anecdotes, and stunning visuals that transport readers to an era where sumptuous feasts were celebrated with grandeur. It unveils the secret ingredients, preparation methods, and influences that shaped the royal menus. "Saffron Saffairs" invites food enthusiasts and history buffs to savor the grandeur and finesse of Indian royal cuisine.
  • The Culinary Epic of Jeddah: The Tale of an Arabian Gateway (2018), ISBN 9781642495898 ."The Culinary Epic of Jeddah" takes readers on a remarkable journey to explore the culinary heritage and traditional recipes of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Through this culinary odyssey, Ajai Sharma captures the essence of the city's gastronomic wonders. The book beautifully blends the old and new, tradition and modernity, showcasing Jeddah's ability to preserve its heritage while embracing change. The author's dedication to documenting treasured recipes ensures that the rich culinary heritage of Jeddah will endure for generations. The book not only celebrates the cuisine but fosters a deeper understanding of the city's unique heritage[8]

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