Aegis battle suit

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Aegis battle suit

Boneyard in his Aegis battle suit
Created by Play With This Too
Genre Science Fiction

An Aegis battle suit is a a fictional element from the Lost Protectors series by Play With This Too.

Play With This Too

Aegis battle suits are a type of battle armor used by various characters in the Lost Protectors series. Among their users are members of the Grand Protector Armada and Striker Fleet.


The Aegis battle suit is based on the design of the armor used by Boneyard in his victories in the galactic arenas.


Aegis battle suit is a living suit powered by the primal forces of the universe. It grants him enhanced strength, durability and longevity as well as having numerous weapons. Some suits also grant their wearer the ability to fly. Many Aegis battle suits also grant super powers to their users.

The armors bond with one individual at a time, usually leaving them after their death. Some individuals, like Jetstrike, have been able to bond an armor they find on a dead wearer.


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