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Derek Wanker, also known as A Horse with a Horn (born September 6, 1988), is an American electropop/electroclash musician,[1] producer, and performance artist based in Los Angeles.

Early life and education

A Horse with a Horn was born in Oklahoma City[2] and grew up playing in several musical acts ranging in style from rock to indie to electropop.[3] By 12, he started making music with different bands and continued throughout junior high and high school.[2]

A Horse with a Horn completed his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Oklahoma in 2011. He eventually moved to Los Angeles to pursue a future creating pop/punk electronica.[3]


A Horse with a Horn released his debut album Mindless[3] on February 14, 2020, focusing on embracing love through the good and bad times.[2] Following this, he released 3 singles, Sleep Paralysis, released November 12, 2020; Dirty Mind, released September 26, 2021; and Bite, released June 5, 2022.[4] His music is inspired by several artists, including Fischerspooner, Nine Inch Nails, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. His androgynous voice, paired with the synthetic sounds of the early electroclash music scene, celebrates queer stories in love and life.[3]

A Horse with a Horn’s song Better features gay adult performer Adam Ramzi and bisexual YouTuber RJ Aguiar.[1] He also started a Kickstarter project to help him complete one of his album.[5][6] He also does photography under Unikorn Photography.

He performs in the queer nightlife of Los Angeles. A Horse with a Horn performed in other cities such as NYC and Zurich and at Venice Pride in June 2022. He has been featured in the Gayly Oklahoma.

A Horse with a Horn is currently working on an upcoming EP titled Hold Me Down.



  • Mindless

Singles and Eps

  • Bite
  • Dirt Mind
  • Sleep Paralysis
  • Roulette
  • Letranger
  • Right In My Face
  • Better[7][8]

Personal life

A Horse with a Horn identifies as queer[6] and has a partner, Raul Martinez.


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