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AMASS - Friends of Cancer Patients Association is a Saudi Arabian volunteer-based, non-profit, charitable organization that provides moral, psychological, and financial support to cancer patients through specialized doctors and volunteers.

AMASS - Friends of Cancer Patients Association
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AMASS - Friends of Cancer Patients Association was established on April 04, 2017, by Saeed Mobarak Almordi initially under the umbrella of the Volunteer Vision Center.[1] The association later gained approval from the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, via Ministerial Resolution No. 177686 on May 28, 2019.

In May 2022, Friends of Cancer Patients held the meeting of the Ordinary General Assembly in its second session at the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce in Riyadh, where it was attended by 24 out of 27 members.[2][3] On May 28, 2022, the association organized an open day for Cancer-recovered individuals and cancer patients with their families, which was attended by about 300 individuals.


Headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Friends of Cancer Patients works toward the needs of cancer patients to provide psychological and moral support to them and their families. It consists of a team of recovered cancer patients, specialists, doctors in all related areas, and volunteers to be friends with cancer patients.[1]

Friends of Cancer Patients is in line with the kingdom's 2030 vision for charitable volunteer work and has partnered with Al Nakheel Neighborhood in Riyadh, Roayah Volunteering Center, Alwatan Factory, National Blood & Cancer Center, and Ihsan Association.


Cancer Patients Endowment Program

The program supports the establishment of a new endowment that is a residential or commercial building where the proceeds are directed to the service and continuity of the association's program to ensure sustainability.

Gifts for Cancer Patients Program

The program sends gifts to cancer patients on different occasions and provides them with psychological and moral support to complete the journey.

Awareness and medical, psychological, and moral consultations for cancer patients and their families

This program raises awareness through several different channels, including the unified contact number of the social networks of the association's accounts, producing awareness publications, and holding events and conferences. It provides medical and psychological counseling services by doctors and consultants specializing in cancer diseases and psychiatry. It carries out consultations from a call center that connects patients based on their conditions to doctors and consultants specializing in that area.

Cancer Patient Care Program

This program is the association's contribution to early detection, especially for high-risk cases, diagnosis, and treatment of patients who have financial needs after confirmation and approval by the concerned committee. It supports medical service, travel, and housing. The program includes the various stages, from early detection, diagnosis, treatment, and review to the stage of recovery and rehabilitation.


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