22 Dubz

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22 Dubz
Born South Trenton, New Jersey
Monuments American
Occupation Hip-Hop Artist

22 Dubz is a South Trenton-raised Hip-Hop artist, now based in Atlanta. He has been catching local attention across metro Atlanta, with various performances and open mic showcases. His bars and stage presence has been gaining attention from key individuals in the underground music industry.[1]


22 Dubz emerged on the music scene in January 2021, he has progressed and also figured out how to maneuver in the underground music industry. His motto ‘just rap, and stay consistent,’ is more than just words to him, it is his mantra; never leaving his thoughts and showing in his behavior as an artist. He prides himself on quality over quantity and does not focus on making quick hits but, focuses on songs that will stand the test of time. His music employs raw emotion, energy, and dreams to create music that reflects every young hustler’s frustration, pain, and goals. His music and artistic passion have captivated the hearts and souls of people around the world. In pursuit of rap supremacy, much attention has been drawn to the epic Hip-Hop storytelling he offers and his distinctive rap delivery. The business and music enterprise of 22Dubz is poised for global growth and expansion by 2022.[2]