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Industry Investment Management
Founded 2018
Headquarters Kampala, Uganda
Key people Nixon Kitimoi
(Chief Investment Officer)
Products Investment Management, Alternative Investments, Private Equity, Credit
Revenue US$3 million (2022)
AUM US$70 million (2022)
Website 1stock.org

1Stock is an investment management firm based in Kampala, Uganda. Founded in 2018, the firm serves high-net-worth individuals, family offices and institutions. 1Stock began operations mainly in hedge funds but is now active in credit, venture capital, infrastructure and real estate.

Business Activities

1Stock operates primarily through; hedge funds, private equity, venture capital, real estate and credit.

The Reaper Fund

1Stock's hedge fund, has reported NAV rise of 1,049.30% (as of September 2023) since inception [1] and was one of the nominees of the Global Hedge Fund Awards, by Eurekahedge, under the Best New European Hedge Fund Category, which recognized the top performing hedge fund managers of 2018.[2]

1Stock Private Credit Fund

Takes advantage of opportunities in Africa, mainly in the infrastructure, manufacturing, agro - processing and renewable energy sectors.

1Stock Venture Capital Fund

Under 1Stock, LLC, registered as an investment advisor by the SEC and FINRA in the US, in partnership with the Silicon Valley Syndicate Fund, that seeks to provide investors with a diverse selection of high - quality, efficiently managed technology companies within managed risk controlled models. Investments span across; internet, software, consumer, enterprise IT, life sciences, cyber security, fintech and AI.

Pal and Lisa

An organisation with interests in real estate, education, professional services, land banking and agriculture.

1Stock Aircraft Charter Services (1SACS)

In 2020, 1Stock established 1SACS which offers aircraft charter services on an international network with experience, flexibility and reliability.

Notable Investments

• Patreon (valued at $4 billion[3])

• Chipper Cash (valued at $2 billion[4])

• Privé Technologies[5] (valued at $243 million)

• Muncher[6] (valued at $190 million)

• Pal and Lisa Schools

• Pal and Lisa Club

• SpeedSize[7] (valued at $100 million)

• Accern[8] (valued at $90 million)

• HyPoint (acquired by ZeroAvia;[9] valued at $80 million)

• Mobalytics[10] (valued at $75 million)

• Spin Technology (valued at $55 million[11])

• namecoach[12] (valued at $50 million)

• 1Stock Residences[13]

• Vule Airways


In 2024, 1Stock was nominated for the KEOnline Digitally Fit Awards under the Holding Company category. [14]

In 2023, 1Stock was a Regional Finalist of the Global Startup Awards, under Best Venture Capital Firm, Startup of the Year and Founder of the Year.

In 2021, 1Stock was nominated for the Global Startup Awards under Startup of the Year, Founder of the Year and Best Newcomer of the Year.

In 2019, 1Stock's hedge fund, The Reaper Fund, was one of the nominees of the Global Hedge Fund Awards, by Eurekahedge, under the Best New European Hedge Fund Category, which recognized the top performing hedge fund managers of 2018.[15]


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