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Industry Tourism and travel
Area served Worldwide
Services Tourist beach destinations reviews and booking services for hotels, car rentals and more.
Website https://1001beach.com/

1001beach.com is an online platform that rates beaches and allows users to check out the top and most beautiful beach destinations across the world.[1][2]


1001beach.com was founded more than a decade ago and has since become very popular. The award winning online platform is especially considered very useful by people wanting to visit beaches and book vacations.

The site reviews and rates beaches from all over the world. 1001beach.com reviews each beach as a tourist spot and provides important details that are helpful to people planning a vacation or holiday. For each beach destination, the site provides the best time of year to visit and also provides services such as the facility of booking hotels, making reservations and car rentals in advance.

1001beach.com also provides reviews of the best hotels near the beaches and makes it easy for tourists to choose and make a reservation at the cheapest rates.

The platform can be accessed through their website as well as their mobile application.


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